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Sep 2016
Dread Knight
Sep 01 2016 00:19
@cxong are you alright?
guessing you're a bit busy with life and stuff
hopefully nothing to worry about
Sep 01 2016 14:41
yep I'm here, been busy last few days from ludum dare, plus trying to understand and rewrite the queue display function, it's quite tricky
Dread Knight
Sep 01 2016 15:46
@cxong lulz, you could have said that; ludum dare, that's really awesome!
Dread Knight
Sep 01 2016 15:56
@cxong kinda wish you would have skipped this ludum dare though, wanted to have the new version ready by today; pushed the deadline again to 9th, but that's only doable if you focus, there are still a few units that need to be fixed