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    Hey Tanin, just curious, have you tried using sbt-vuefy with vuex? I don't have any experience with it, but thinking about trying it out (very low-priority question)
    Tanin Na Nakorn
    @nirslsk yes we use vuex with sbt-vuefy at GIVE.asia.
    Michał Gibowski
    Hi, is sbt-webpack still used by your team and maintained or was it replaced by sbt-vuefy? Also any plans for migrating to Scala 2.13?
    Hervé Ranaivoson
    Hi folks, Looking for a VueJs 3 integration with PlayFramework. Do you have any first step ? @tanin_twitter : sbt-vuefy looks good !! My project have some old backbone JS routes and I'd like to migrate them softly to vueJS. Help ! Thanks !