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also this is what I have when i launch server : Argument 1 passed to AppBundle\Topic\AcmeTopic::__construct() must be an instance of Gos\Bundle\WebSocketBundle\Client\ClientManipulatorInterface, none given (i didnt forget the use)
I have found the problem, I forgot to put an argument in the service.
But now, I have problems retriving infos from $user object, especially the roles. It gives me ROLE_USER when user has ROLE_SUPER_ADMIN.
(I am using FOSUser, and have also cutom fields)
Actually I am checking with FOS User Manager with the provided $user. Don;t know if it's the best way
I would like to push data from workers on server to browser, does anyone has experience with this?
Johann Saunier
@talro if you want push from worker, use push integration https://github.com/GeniusesOfSymfony/WebSocketBundle/blob/master/Resources/docs/Pusher.md (AMQP or ZMQ)
René R. Ramírez S.
Johann Saunier
I answered you ;)
Thanks for that!
You have advanced something to solve the problem or you need more information?
Ilya Shakirov
I've downloaded websocket bundle recently and I have an issue about implementing redis pusher.
Ilya Shakirov
it's already has pubsub pattern impl
how i can implement redispusher and pusherhandler correctly?
thanks in advance
Molodkovets Bohdan
Hello! Is anyone here? Is it possible to get all connected to topic users with usernames? Cant find this
Molodkovets Bohdan
I solved this already :)
Sujit Ghosh
Hi, I recently posted this.
Please help.
Sujit Ghosh
@ProPheT777 can you help me out please ?
This message was deleted
Hello, i don't know if there are activities here anymore, but i encounter some issue with Push, who look referenced here GeniusesOfSymfony/WebSocketBundle#159
the original issue 'OnPush not called when push from controller' with zmq look the same for me. I doesn't tested the websocket pusher, but it work for the original poster. I'm asking myself if zmq could have some issue on windows ?
Hello, somebody faced this problem
Hi everyone
Ivailo Stoianov
Hey, is this room still active?
Sandeep Kumar
I am trying to use ratchet pawl basic code run
But there is no response from the echo server
John Wachowski
I'm having an issue with my autobahn websocket server, when I try to connect to it through curl, I am getting: HTTP/1.1 400 WebSocket connection denied - Hixie76 protocol not supported.
Burak Keskin
Hi, how can I start web socket without app/console? Any idea?
Phong Bui
how are you everybody
Karli Ots
Anyone here today ?
Hello all, I face a issue after deploy the project. For further information, I recently comment in this issue. GeniusesOfSymfony/WebSocketBundle#273
I'm having an issue when Autobahn auto-reconnect to the server: the client successfully connect to Ratchet, but i got the error Autobahn not connected when i publish something
Websocket or TCP or Push Notification - which is best to create stock mobile apps which updates with live stock updates. ???
Maarten Verijdt
Can anyone help me get started with WebSockets, I'm experimenting with it in Symfony 4.1: https://github.com/murtho/SuperSocket
if I run php bin/console gos:websocket:server nothing happens in my terminal