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Repo info
Hey guys! From the README, I understood how to make my gerrit installation make requests to the webooks. But how can I generate one for gerrit? I can't find it on integrations... Should I use a generic one?
hrm, I just noticed that that functionality is not actually related to this project. This project enables the webhooks, but gitter should support them. Never mind =P
Krzysztof Hasiński
Hey :) I don't really understand what do you mean
this project sends out webhooks (http post requests) to any URL you like whenever something happens inside of Gerrit (mainly change merged, proposed or rejected)
so you can automate for example build or plug in some external tool to Gerrit
@khasinski yeah that was what I did =P. I changed fire_webhook to do a post like gitter expects for the custom notification. Worked like a charm :)
Krzysztof Hasiński
@hackedbellini Great :) Glad I could help.
Justyna Wojtczak
Gerrit can work with other git service like gitlab or gogs?
Shabih Sharfani
Good morning Guys, Has anyone worked with WEBHOOKS to get the real time update, I am trying to implement ZIP WHIP webhook in my angular application. The goal is to receive an update whenever someone sends me a tex message . My knoewledge for webhooks is very limited, what I know is we need to add a URL(which will receive all the new messages) I don't know how will I integrate my webhook to my UI or DO i need server side implentation here. Any help is appreciated. :)
George Dicu
Hey Guys, I am using TeacmCity and Gerrit for buids. And I am looking if its possible to trigger a build after a reviewer was assigned to a recently pushed code.