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Oct 2015
Oct 13 2015 12:57
thanks for the heads up !
Benjamin Intal
Oct 13 2015 13:07
Or you can try adding an event listener directly to the dom
it depends on the need though
Oct 13 2015 15:44

Hi All, I would greatly appreciate some feedback / guidance.

Been using summernote - and got lots of bad user feedback.

I have been looking into Content Tools and it seems very cool and easy to use.

Can you guys provide any feedback when comparing Content Tools to:

  • Aloha-Editor
  • AlloyEditor
  • Froala
Anthony Blackshaw
Oct 13 2015 16:56
I'd be interested too - I've not used any of these in anger though I've played about a bit with Aloha which seems quite similar in concept to the ContentEdit library.
Benjamin Intal
Oct 13 2015 17:08
I have used Aloha, but not extensively. The problem I have with them (along with others that I have checked: Raptor, etc) is that some features aren't implemented (e.g. static) but are already there in CT. Some aren't actively developed also
Oct 13 2015 22:15
@anthonyjb @bfintal Thanks for the feedback. Froala seems very strong with good documentation but their licensing is also very restrictive.