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Oct 2015
Luis Vegerano
Oct 30 2015 01:39 UTC
@bfintal thanks I knew that but Im really overriting a lot of behavior from the Text class to suit my needs. I really love the libs but for the particular feature Im working on I had to modify behaviors. To do things like select all and such. I will share with you some code so you can look at what Im doing. One thing I noticed with the HTMLString.String lib
Anthony Blackshaw
Oct 30 2015 12:42 UTC
@lvegerano thanks for pointing this out I'll look into now
Quick note - I missed the ToolUI docs for ContentTools API and have added them now. I've also just finished the test spec for that code and in writing the tests found that the methods and naming conventions used weren't really in-line with the rest of the library so they have been changed - if you're using them in any of you existing code (unlikely but you might be) please take a look and see if the change impacts you.
Luis Vegerano
Oct 30 2015 13:56 UTC
@anthonyjb thanks I’m not using content tools for this project.
Benjamin Intal
Oct 30 2015 15:48 UTC
@lvegerano no idea about that one :D