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Nov 2015
Juan Gallardo
Nov 11 2015 18:31

Hi everyone, I am sure this has been asked many times, sorry ahead of time. I read the tutorial about saving. But i have a gap in knowledge preventing a successful implementation.

to save what am i missing?

I am testing content tools on this theme on a page. this is the code i have at the bottom of the page

Anthony Blackshaw
Nov 11 2015 23:46
Hi @JGallardo - what language are you using server-side that will be responsible for saving? If it's one I'm familiar with I'll try to help with an example
Juan Gallardo
Nov 11 2015 23:51
so i just wanted to make sure. is content tools meant to be integrated along side a CMS. i saw the demo with cotidia (sp?) and it seems that the secure way is to do it that way.
i was assigned this project and others are under the belief that this is supposed to be a simple tool for the non-tech savvy so they can manage their content. So in theory i was supposed to hand them a "ready to deploy" solution that included Content Tools into their purchased theme.
Juan Gallardo
Nov 11 2015 23:57
when i brought up the security issue to my friend that "anyone can edit" i was told that we could create a secure url where the changes can be made, then a script on the server could copy and past that to the actual page. I am open to hearing any thoughts on any of this.