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Sep 2016
Stepan Perlov
Sep 06 2016 14:43
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hi @anthonyjb. Please comment on GetmeUK/ContentEdit#8, GetmeUK/ContentTools#256
Anthony Blackshaw
Sep 06 2016 15:56

Hi @stepan-perlov - I'm really sorry I haven't had time to review this pull request properly yet - I haven't forgotten this post request or a number of other outstanding requests but this is a very large change and I need to have the time to review it before I can comment on it usefully.

The pull request you have posted has a large number of changes and my first concern is that it wont be compatible with the existing interface - if this is the case then this change would mean releasing a version 2 of CT and that's some way off as I have a large number of features still to complete in the current version. When I looked at this problem originally I wasn't thinking about using factories but context stacks as I believed that context stacks would allow the changes to be made without breaking the existing API (I don't know if your pull request does btw), factories is potentially cleaner than this, I need to review fully, but if it's breaking the existing API then it's not something I can implement short term.

As a general note for anyone interested - I'm currently working on a large number of open-source projects (a number of these are not on github yet) as part of a general project to redevelop our internal tech stack at Getme (it's not just me there's a team of 5 of us on the open source stuff at the moment). CT is a big part of that stack but it's one part and some other areas have my priority for the next 6 weeks (time frame for deploying the new tech stack hopefully). In this time I'm only getting 2-4 hours a week on CT and that's often used up answering questions and implementing priority features for getme (I'm currently working on a number of CE changes) - I apologise if that means progress releases have slowed but it's only short term - once I move to implementing the in page editing for our stack my focus will once again be heavily on ContentTools
Anthony Blackshaw
Sep 06 2016 16:02
thanks for your patience in advance