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Sep 2016
kevin olson
Sep 29 2016 08:07 UTC
hi everyone, is the current demo broken?
i cant really do anythig
why is that still left aligned..
also whats with the random flashing yellow seizure borders? i like the design and the concept but i still cant really use it
Anthony Blackshaw
Sep 29 2016 09:59 UTC
@acidjazz so it's still left aligned because I didn't add CSS styles to support alignment in the header area, you can left align content in the body without an issue this is purely just down to the site CSS.
@acidjazz the borders should only flash yellow if you hold down shift, this is a mechanism to allow you to highlghit the editable regions on the page, there is an open bug where this sticks on if you screenshot on a mac GetmeUK/ContentTools#312