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Apr 2017
Apr 11 2017 08:35
Hey guys i created free plugin for october with ContentTools. Thanks for ContentTools its very good and uselful for editing <3
Anthony Blackshaw
Apr 11 2017 09:47
Hey @Samuell1 - that's awesome - thank you - I'll tweet out about the plugin and add a link to the site :)
Apr 11 2017 12:02
@anthonyjb Wau thanks!
Apr 11 2017 21:24
@anthonyjb Hey, i trying to do something with fixtures but i getting weird error on clicking on pencil TypeError: this.parent(...).domElement(...).parentNode is null i only included
editor.init('[data-editable], [data-fixture]', 'data-file');
FIXTURE_TOOLS = [['undo', 'redo', 'remove']];
ContentEdit.Root.get().bind('focus', function(element) {
    var tools;
    if (element.isFixed()) {
        tools = FIXTURE_TOOLS;
    } else {
        tools = ContentTools.DEFAULT_TOOLS;
    if (editor.toolbox().tools() !== tools) {
        return editor.toolbox().tools(tools);
Apr 11 2017 21:53
oh i find it, i have inside file saved same div with attributes :D
Simon Mannsfeld
Apr 11 2017 21:54
@Samuell1 , i tried out your plugin for octoberCMS and I love it. Are you interested in Grid system-support for ContentTools on octoberCMS? I am searching for a coding mate.
Apr 11 2017 22:42
@simonmannsfeld Thanks! Grid system? you mean like flebox?
Apr 11 2017 22:50
@anthonyjb Its a way to add support to adding html5 video? i try adding my Tool but its rewriting existing video :/