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Apr 2017
Abishek R Srikaanth
Apr 18 2017 00:10
:+1: thank you
Apr 18 2017 06:28
@anthonyjb you send me a video tool code in coffee script but i want in js :D
Apr 18 2017 11:42
@Samuell1 just compile the .coffee, grunt or gulp have plugins
Abishek R Srikaanth
Apr 18 2017 13:55
is there a way to check if there have been any updates on a page? something on the lines of ContentEdit.isDirty()?
I am planning to implement auto save that calls the server every 30 seconds and I only want to send data to server if any changes took place, else ignore
Abishek R Srikaanth
Apr 18 2017 14:02
Is it possible to override a click event for a specific element/tag. Say I want to use my own custom event to show a different UI when a video or image is clicked to add more custom properties?