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Aug 2017
Anthony Blackshaw
Aug 19 2017 07:30
@/all Just uploaded a ramble through / preview of ContentFlow here:
Tom Medema
Aug 19 2017 08:15

@anthonyjb thanks a lot for taking the time to showcase ContentFlow! Looks great, i'm sure it's exactly what a lot of people were looking for.

btw, re your fixture example, how would you do this in a more generic way?

For example, to make all headings, anchors, paragraphs, and buttons editable, regardless of html structure used in this page, something like

$('h1, a, p, button').each(function(i) {
          new ContentEdit.Region(this);

Obv this doesn't work, and giving them a parent will mess up the layout. Not sure how fixtures could help here?