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Dec 2017
Matthew J. Sahagian
Dec 31 2017 02:46
@anthonyjb would contentflow know or be able to handle multiple columns, like is there a way to identify the container and it only shows the "modules" or whatever they might be called in that container and sorts for that container, but if you click into another one it shows those? If so, what about moving modules between them?
Anthony Blackshaw
Dec 31 2017 11:56


Multiple columns - Yes ContentFlow supports multiple flows (which can be columns), we frequently use 2 column layouts (for example this page is using 2 flows: You can also insert a snippet that itself introduces one or more flows, so it's possible to say insert a snippet which you can configure to show say 1 to 3 columns.

Move snippets between flows - No at the moment this behaviour isn't supported. It's on the idea board and we've been looking at it internally. There are a number of challenges that make it more complex for us than it might at first appear, in particular we have a set of rules in Manhattan that define what snippet types can be inserted into what content flow and so any move needs to be confirmed either server-side or ideally client-side (where currently the rules are not defined, though we have a list of the snippet types so shouldn't be too hard thinking about it...).

However these problems are really just internal to us and Manhattan, moving a snippet to another flow should be a relatively simple task to implement in JS, I'm certain we'll support it moving forward or would be happy to accept pull requests for this functionality.