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Mar 2018
May Kittens Devour Your Soul
Mar 23 2018 18:37
hello @anthonyjb
I remembered I saw interesting CMS some time ago, and barely could find it, so this is it.
I wonder did you release Manhattan yet? you said it'll be available early this year.
Anthony Blackshaw
Mar 23 2018 22:27
Hi @diomed - so I'm still working on releasing manhattan (it's a bigger task than I'd originally envisaged). There's a few videos up about progress from the start of the year on my channel ( - however I'm currently still several months away I believe - you can see some of the projects JavaScript libraries have now been released on github (, this was another delay as I'm currently moving everything from CoffeeScript/grunt to es6 and webpack. My current hope is I'll release manhattan mid year and start on ContentTools 2 at that point (no rest :))