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Aug 2018
Aug 10 2018 09:34
Hey guys, i trust you all are well. I am having an issue with the link feature of getcontenttools. To add a link i need to add http instead of just typing www.... do you guys have any plans on fixing this? We may understand but the end user wont
@anthonyjb Brilliant tool BTW :-)
Aug 10 2018 09:41
@anthonyjb Do you have any new and exciting features in the pipeline for getcontenttools. Things like, the ability of adding color and underlining text . Anything that will make the content more visual
Anthony Blackshaw
Aug 10 2018 13:38

Hi @PershanthenM so re the http: vs. https: thing this is the case because you can link to any protocol technically - however it would be a nice feature to default to https:// I guess, epsecially now that http:// is pretty much being forced out by the Chrome security warnings. If you want to add a feature for it on github that would be great.

So I'm currently finishing up on the first release of a CMS project called manhattan and next month I am aiming to start work on ContentTools 2.0 - this will be a major overhaul that expect to take me 6-12 months to complete depending on my work load and contributions. This will update CT to use ES6 and will also implement far better integration with ContentFlow (which you can see in action in manhattan - (

I will be putting together a roadmap for CT with an initial set of major features for the new version and I'll post a link to it here (and my other haunts) once it's ready.

@PershanthenM and thanks for the kind words and support :thumbsup: