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Repo info
    Benjamin Barbier
    J'ai l'impression qu'elle ne fonctionne plus avec une notation comme ceci (cf: john papa https://github.com/johnpapa/angular-styleguide#style-y024) :
    (function() {
        'use strict';
            .controller('WorkspaceController', WorkspaceController);
        WorkspaceController.$inject = ['$http'];
        function WorkspaceController ($http) {
    Tilman Potthof
    @Gillespie59 Hi, the master is currently ahead of the development branch. Therefore the commit diff is quite confusing.
    Tilman Potthof
    @Gillespie59 Ok, so I assign some bugs to myself. Should I create a 0.10.0 milestone as well?
    @Gillespie59 Do you close issues when they are fixed in the development branch, or when the release is published?
    Emmanuel DEMEY
    I think I have created the 0.10.0/on github.
    When they are merged into the dev branch
    Tilman Potthof
    Questions are sometimes opened as tickets lately. Probably we should mention the chat explicitly in the README. What do you think? @Gillespie59 , @remcohaszing
    Emmanuel DEMEY
    we already have a badge to the gitter chat ;)
    maybe add in a "how to help/contribute ?" block :
    1. Ask questions in the chat room
    1. create issue on Github
    Remco Haszing
    Perhaps an FAQ can be added either to the readme or as a new markdown file.
    Referring to this chat still means someone has to take manual action for answering questions.
    Tilman Potthof
    Both things could be great and help users.
    Tilman Potthof
    Currently I have no idea which question are frequently asked, but I take a look at the issues later.
    Tilman Potthof
    @remcohaszing @Gillespie59 I think we should meet sometime in hangout (or some similar tool) to meet each other and to talk about a roadmap for 1.0.0. What do you think?
    Adri Van Houdt
    just commenting to say I love the plugin, super handy!
    Tilman Potthof
    @AdriVanHoudt Thanks. Nice to hear such feedback!


    Don't get how to disable particular rule (for example "angular/module-setter"). I added "angular" to plugins, and all rules inline.

    @Gillespie59 cc
    Adi Prasetyo
    hi guys, i new but i am very excited to be good coder and open source contributor.
    the part of learning but maybe you can give some task on this project
    Adi Prasetyo
    i have sent PR, need some advice :smile:
    Adi Prasetyo
    he guys are you there?
    Hi, I would like to add a new rule but I don'y understand this part :

    Files you have to touch

    • index.js
      • Add your rule rulesConfiguration.addRule('<your-rule>', [0, {someConfig: 'someValue'}])
    I don't see anything like that in index.js
    Vitaly Pereverzev
    Hi, is there any way to modify on-watch rule to support http://jsbin.com/corilaxeju/edit?js
    Or it is not make sense ?
    Emmanuel DEMEY
    make sense.
    Can you create an issue for your needs?
    and maybe propose a solution :D
    Dave McClelland
    Is this room still watched by anyone? I'm getting an error from the plugin
    Anubhav Sinha
    Hi community !
    As I know about di-order rule , but want to clarify that if
    myApp.controller('myController', ['$first', '$second', function($first, $second){
    The following code is given.
    During linting which part is checked to sort according to di-order rule.
    Is it the dependencies which are literally mentioned or the ones which are mentioned in function?