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Pieter Viljoen
Hi, I am switching from Azure DevOps to GitHub Actions. I don't know if GitVersion changed or has a bug, or if I am using it wrong, or if it is because I switched from master to main, but for the life of me I can't get versions to increment using +semver: patch/minor. See https://github.com/ptr727/Utilities/runs/1437057234 for build output, and the project for config. GitVersion is 5.5.1.
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Hi guys. I am using the GitVersion@5 task on azure devops. I need to access the var GitVersion.SemVer in a different job and don't seem able to. I've tried all the different outputs and explicitly printing it out etc. The reason i have to use it in a different job is that i need to run the gitversion task on a different repo than the repo executing the pipeline. Is there either a way to be able to use it, or a way to run the gitversion task on a different repo than the one executing it? Thanks
Fabio Sforza

hi all, i have a question related to gitversion
i'm just starting to adopt it on a dotnet core project
is it possible to completely avoid the bumping of the prereleasetag? I'm trying to better explain. The guide says, for example, that the version of release branch will be


major: mergeVersion.Major
minor: mergeVersion.Minor
patch: 0
pre-release: {releaseTag.preRelease}.{n} where n = 1 + the number of commits since releaseTag

i would like to have only 1.2.0-alpha

How can i do that?

Josh Close
Why does my SemVer show up as 0.20.3 locally but 0.20.3-origin-master.0 on the build server?
I thought it was because it couldn't use ssh, so I changed the git connection to https with username/token. No change.
Locally it adds -branch.x which is great, but when on master, I don't want that.
Patrik Švikruha
Hi, I have question. I have repository with more nuget packages and I would like to version every package/nuget by own versioning. Is this scenario somehow supported and ideal case, could be ovveride this in csproj or I need to manually ovveride all properties in csproj? I tried set UpdateAssemblyInfo and update things manually but it is not working for sdk like csproj targeted to TFM net472. (GitVersionTask v5.5.1)
Hi, I use the gitversion/setup@0 and gitversion/execute@0 in my azure pipeline on hosted windows agents. The setup task takes quite a long time, like 1-2 minutes for each run and the tool is not cached because its a hosted agent. Anyone that knows how to improve this by custom caching or similiar? From what I understand I am using the new and recommended approach for using gitversion in azure pipeleines.
  • Also if you include the giversion.exe in your repository do you have to ensure its in the path or is there other ways of configuring it through the task (I do not see an option)?
Maxime Beaudry
As I entered in GitTools/GitVersion#2488, some tags were deleted from DockerHub. Would it be easy to bring them back?
Hello, I'm currently testing Azure Pipelines with GitVersion, and I was wondering if it's possible to create the GitVersion.yml file during the execution of the pipeline jobs? This works with Gitlab-CI, but somehow I don't see the process picking up this file (don't see anything related to this file in debug mode).
1 reply
Patrick B
I have a goofy situation. Does anyone have an idea as to why dotnet-gitversion is giving a different version from just using gitversion?
Currently have 5.3.7 installed of just the normal gitversion.exe
I had 5.6 of the gitversion.tool
It seems like the behavior changed
Patrick B
Yeah, when executing gitversion locally I'm getting what I expect. But when running dotnet-gitversion using the Azure Pipelines task is always reports the version as "0.1.0"

@PatrickBig For me in Azure pipeline the config file is not used if I'm not specifying it in the task config, like:
task: gitversion/execute@0
useConfigFile: true
configFilePath: 'gitversion.yml'

Maybe you have the same issue.

I came across an issue using the new GitVersion.MsBuild package - because TargetFramework is being checked in the .props file it's not being picked up by the project configuration (csproj) and requires a targetframework by specified on the command-line or in a Directory.Build.props file. Is this intended?
From my quick glance at the MsBuild package, the TargetFramework checks for including the GitVersionFileExe and GitVersionAssemblyFile paths could be moved to the .targets file, which would then pick up what is already specified in the users csproj. Allowing customization of the GitVersionOutputFile path would be ideal as well, I prefer keeping my source directories free of intermediate files. I wanted to make sure there weren't any specific reasons for these defaults before opening an issue.
Ashleigh Adams
hey guys, is there anyway to tag release candidates at all with tags using GitVersion?
i have a continuous delivery workflow, and tag to release, but if i tag a release candidate (want to avoid release branches) then gitflow fails with:
PackageVersion string specified '0.3.2-rc(no branch)' is invalid.
Ashleigh Adams
to clarify also, it's only an issue when checked out to that tag
Ashleigh Adams
ugh, i found out, it's to do with the branch normalization; is there any way to disable it with GetVersionTask? i can pass -nonormalize and the tool suddenly works, but i can't figure out how to disable it via msbuild...
thanks rubber ducks!
Ashleigh Adams
Patrick B
I have an issue. I figured out my problem where my versions were not being calculated properly. I downgraded the CLI tool to 5.3.7 and everything is working the way I expect now
GitVersion, GitFlow, Azure DevOps, hotfix and pull requests. How do I configure GitVersion to generate the correct version when build pull request of a hotfix? Hotfix build gets version 1.2.3-beta but pull request of that hotfix gets version 1.3.0-PullRequest, I expected it to get 1.2.3-PullRequest
Tim Long

Hey guys, I'm getting an error when building a multi-targetted .NETStandard class library:

C:\Users\Tim.nuget\packages\gitversion.msbuild\5.6.3\tools\GitVersion.MsBuild.targets(110,9): Error MSB4044: The "GenerateGitVersionInformation" task was not given a value for the required parameter "Language".

Any advice on how to deal with this?

Eric Frazer
I just installed GitTools version 0.9.8.X, last updated Jan 5, into Azure DevOps, and am trying to set up gitversion/execute... not working as expected. docs are scant. I'm unclear of how to use this task. I have 'update assemblyinfo files' turned on, but it's unclear if it is supposed to update ALL assemblyinfo.cs files recursively under the main directory, or if I am supposed to point this task to just one directory. Also, it's unclear what to put into "update assembly file". Will that variable take several files or just one? What if I leave it blank? Also, what should go into "working directory path"? a relative directory to the root of the build, like ".\ControlPanel\XXX" ? Not sure.
Whatever the case, when I run it, Azure says, "##[error]Error: Directory not found at .\ControlPanel\ControlPanel. This folder does exact relative to the root.
I have a question. Trying to use Gitversion in mainline mode and the question is - could I prevent getversion to increment a patch number when I create a new branch. So let's say my current master version is 1.0.1 so when I create a new branch from the master - the version in this new branch is 1.0.2. Technically this is the same version really - even the commit is the same.

Hi everyone, I've just updated my solution to use GitVersion.MsBuild (5.6.4) package instead of GitVersionTask (5.5.1) and getting an error when building the solution from command line:

ERROR [01/25/21 18:29:57:89] An unexpected error occurred:
System.IO.IOException: The process cannot access the file '...\gitversion.json' because it is being used by another process. at System.IO.FileStream.ValidateFileHandle(SafeFileHandle fileHandle) at System.IO.FileStream.CreateFileOpenHandle(FileMode mode, FileShare share, FileOptions options) at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options) at System.IO.StreamWriter.ValidateArgsAndOpenPath(String path, Boolean append, Encoding encoding, Int32 bufferSize) at System.IO.StreamWriter..ctor(String path, Boolean append, Encoding encoding) at System.IO.File.WriteAllText(String path, String contents, Encoding encoding) at GitVersion.FileSystem.WriteAllText(String file, String fileContents, Encoding encoding) in D:\a\GitVersion\GitVersion\src\GitVersionCore\Core\FileSystem.cs:line 47 at GitVersion.FileSystem.WriteAllText(String file, String fileContents) in D:\a\GitVersion\GitVersion\src\GitVersionCore\Core\FileSystem.cs:line 42 at GitVersion.VersionConverters.OutputGenerator.OutputGenerator.Execute(VersionVariables variables, OutputContext context) in D:\a\GitVersion\GitVersion\src\GitVersionCore\VersionConverters\OutputGenerator\OutputGenerator.cs:line 39 at GitVersion.GitVersionOutputTool.OutputVariables(VersionVariables variables, Boolean updateBuildNumber) in D:\a\GitVersion\GitVersion\src\GitVersionCore\Core\GitVersionOutputTool.cs:line 42 at GitVersion.GitVersionExecutor.RunGitVersionTool(GitVersionOptions gitVersionOptions) in D:\a\GitVersion\GitVersion\src\GitVersionExe\GitVersionExecutor.cs:line 66

is it a known issue?

Stefano Cotterli
GitVersionTask is deprecated. What should I use instead?? I use Visual Studio Professional 2019 ver 16.8.4 and trying GitVersion.MsBuild I have an issue similar @zaaml (The process cannot access the file '...\gitversion.json').
Daniele Pozzobon
hi everyone, i was wondering, is there a reason why when i set a branch for ContinuousDeployment the setting useBranchName for the tag will no loger work? when i set ContinuosDeployment i have to specify the tag myself and i couldn't find any explanation as to why in the docs
Simon Novak
Hello, I see GitVersionTask is deprecated as a package?? what is the replacement?
Gary Ewan Park
@snovak7 if you look on the NuGet.org page: https://www.nuget.org/packages/GitVersionTask/ It is mentioned what is the replacement
The package that you want to be using is this one:
Stefano Cotterli
A lot of problems using GitVersion.MsBuild as a replacement of the 'deprecated' (!) GitVersionTask.
In Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 Version 16.8.5 reports 'impossible to write' and other errors, I tried some days ago and rolled back to GitVersionTask
Gary Ewan Park
@faina09 have you reported these issues in the GitHub Repository, along with steps to reproduce the problem?
Stefano Cotterli
I try to have a simple project to reproduce the problem. At the moment the issue is only on my project, and the output is: C:\Users\myuser.nuget\packages\gitversion.msbuild\5.6.6\tools\GitVersion.MsBuild.targets(9,9): error MSB3073: The command ""C:\Users\myuser.nuget\packages\gitversion.msbuild\5.6.6\tools\net48/gitversion.exe" "C:\nDEV\HayaiB\HayaiBTemplate" -output file -outputfile obj\gitversion.json" exited with code 1.
Stefano Cotterli
ok, it seems that the error was due to the existence of TWO GitVersion.yml files in the main project directory and in a sub. Renaming one of the two the issue is gone.
Gary Ewan Park
Glad to hear that you got this figured out
Andrej Zachar
Hi there, is there any quick solution to support python versioning convention, especially pep 440? Thank you!
Andrej Zachar
I found it here -GitTools/GitVersion#2065
Hi, I wonder - is there a way to automagically increment with +semver: minor when pr from feature branch gets merged?
1 reply
I guess, perhaps pipeline when building feature pr would have to update commit on it to include +semver: minor
Is there a way I can customise the version string generated on a feature branch. Essentially I run multiple feature branches in parallel and the "guessing" of the version is causing confusion for developers and testers. So instead of 1.0.1-foo.1+1 it becomes foo.1+1 .
Gaute Løken
Is there a way to prevent GitVersion from using remote branches? I want to go back in time and run GitVersion with a newer version and changed config, but I'm finding that having my repo connected to a remote is messing with my results. I can remove the remote, but that makes it cumbersome to navigate back and forth in the history..
Hi! I have a problem where GitVersion.CommandLine is bumping my major version. Latest tags are 1.2.8 and GitVersion automatically sets next version to 2.0.0 instead of 1.2.9. Any ideas how to prevent this?