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Sep 2014
Abimael Martinez
Sep 11 2014 05:50
Looking through js-beautify docs, it doesn't appear to have an option for that...
example is something like:```
// Indented:
color:            #333;
background-color: #333;

// Not indented (like we'd like)
color: #333;
background-color: #333;
dang... that didn't come out right. Oh, good, edits are good xD
Glavin Wiechert
Sep 11 2014 13:43

Interesting. Looks like a previous bug I saw with Pretty Diff: Glavin001/atom-beautify#66

Are you sure it’s CSS and not SCSS?

Presently they are handled differently, by pretty diff for LESS and SCSS and js-beautify for CSS. I should move to Pretty Diff for all three later
Are you up-to-date?
Abimael Martinez
Sep 11 2014 18:09
Sorry, I just followed @hershmire along (assumed it affected css too). I found it on scss.
And just read the issue over at pretty diff, guess we should wait for them to make the changes.
Eddie Leffler
Sep 11 2014 18:35
Yea, my issue was for SCSS so this issue covers what I'm seeing. Thanks.
Glavin Wiechert
Sep 11 2014 22:51
Are you guys up to date? I am pretty sure Pretty Diff has this fixed by default (there's a configuration option) and I've updated the atom beautify pretty diff dependcy