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Jan 2015
Jason Scott
Jan 22 2015 01:46
Wish I could use this app as I'm used to the equivalent in sublime text... But for the life of me I cannot install it. Its the same problem as described in issue #174. It fails on "git clone git://";. I thought it was our stupid corporate proxy but I have tried it connected to the internet via my phones 3G connection (so no chance of a corp proxy getting in the way) and it STILL doesn't work. Just impossible to install.
Glavin Wiechert
Jan 22 2015 01:55
That's strange. I don't know why it's happening and all of the research points to firewall/proxy issue and I cannot reproduce.
Jason Scott
Jan 22 2015 01:56
The issue also only occurs on my windows 7 work pc. It installs just fine on a mac for me.
I hate windows and I hate corporate proxies