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Mar 2015
Vikrant More
Mar 07 2015 00:41
Hey guys, I'm trying to run the package in atom on OSX Yosemite. Do I need to install any dependencies..I get this weird error when I try to beautify c++ code:
Command failed: /bin/sh -c [ -f ~/.bash_profile ] && source ~/.bash_profile;[ -f ~/.bashrc ] && source ~/.bashrc;uncrustify -c "/var/folders/g3/v3dtvccn3db46kkxd57gjpvh0000gn/T/11526-82349-1iogatu.cfg" -f "/var/folders/g3/v3dtvccn3db46kkxd57gjpvh0000gn/T/input11526-82349-1bcyyoj" -o "/var/folders/g3/v3dtvccn3db46kkxd57gjpvh0000gn/T/11526-82349-aayyx2" -l "CPP" /bin/sh: uncrustify: command not found
Wayne Maurer
Mar 07 2015 06:49
@Glavin001 I reported a prettydiff issue, and it's been fixed already (prettydiff/prettydiff#56). What's the plan for the next release? It'd be great to have this fix in atom-beautify. Cheers, -W