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Jun 2015
Jun 19 2015 11:52

How can I change JSON formatting rules to

"hosts" : {
       "DEV": [
           {"devHost01": "https://..."},           
           {"devHost02": "http://..."}
       "LIVE": [


Jun 19 2015 12:05
Currently it formats as follows:
"DEV": [{
"LIVE": [{
Aaron Ballard
Jun 19 2015 14:48
@Chotaz good to hear you figured it out. Did npm cache clean not delete that folder for you? May be worth posting an issue on npm to see if that error is getting shown incorrectly.
@hellboy81 I didn't see config options in the package settings, but it uses JS Beautify by default, so I would assume you can put a .jsbeautifyrc in your path with the options you want to set.