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Repo info
Minh Tran
ive set the .apmrc file with the right proxy things and ssl strict but it still thrwos error and cant install it, solution?
Allen Houng
hi all!
does anyone know how i can prevent object wrapping?
and ternary wrapping
{color: 'red’}
atom-beautify always turns it into:
       color: 'red’
this is for JSX
J.C. Martin
how can i run beatify on command ? not oppen settings, beatify the current tab on command :)
Michael Alexander
Hi all, I'm currently making a new beautifier, have created the class and added the name to beautifierNames and can confirm it's being required through logging in the beautifier, but it's not showing up in the "Default beautifier" dropdown. Anyone have any ideas?
Glavin Wiechert
Try running "npm run postinstall" to update src/options.json file
Glavin Wiechert
Also reload Atom afterwards
Important: I am not on Gitter often and if someone does not answer your question feel free to create a question Issue on GitHub :)
Sabato Luca Guadagno
Hi all, I got an Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'setScrollTop' of null if I use Beautify on save in a split tab.
Glavin Wiechert
Are you on latest?
This has been fixed and published. Issue on github was closed.
I thought
Sabato Luca Guadagno
I'm on version 0.29.13
Glavin Wiechert
Huh I'll look into it
There is an issue on github. I recommend subscribing to it there
That is where I discuss and post updates
Sabato Luca Guadagno
If I set End with newline = true it's work
Jane Mertens
Glavin Wiechert
It does inform the user with prompt messages that require clicking “Ok” to continue.
Did these messages not appear for you?
Jane Mertens
what does the message say exactly?
Glavin Wiechert
@l33tgirlcoder_twitter If you would like to change the messages, please submit a Pull Request to Atom-Beautify. This is an open-source project than loves contributions from others :)
return unless confirm('Are you ready to debug Atom Beautify?\n\n'+
'Warning: This will create an anonymous Gist on GitHub (publically accessible and cannot be easily deleted) '+
'containing the contents of your active Text Editor.\n'+
'Be sure to delete any private text from your active Text Editor before continuing '+
'to ensure you are not sharing undesirable private information.')
Jane Mertens
does it say, "your environment variables will be published, or does it say the contents of the ide?
Glavin Wiechert
That’s the code right there. It will not continue until the user clicks “ok"
That sounds like a very good change that you can submit a Pull Request for. Always great to have improvements! :)
The Gist was created automatically because other users were struggling to report their debugging information. So it was added in to be automated for Atom-Beautify to help users report their debugging information and ask for help.
Jane Mertens
ok, thanks for the info and response. I still think it is a bit of dangerous feature
Glavin Wiechert
I agree. I am definitely thinking of how to change it. unfortunately I do not have time right now (in exams and big work projects) so I can’t make the changes myself :(
Originally it would be copied to the clipboard but users were having problems with that, too. We’ve seen a great improvement in Issues reported, but at a cost of over-automating, I would say..
I’d love to discuss more on GitHub about recommended improvements and if you have any questions and are interested in submitting a Pull Request feel free to let me know! Thanks!
Daniel Meyer
hey guys. How can i prevent a linebreak on es6-import-objects


import { default as xxx } from 'any-module';

which is beautified to

import {
   default as xxx
} from 'any-module';
dear glavin
can u help me this issue
my python code do not run beautify
i have installed autopep8
but when i run, it do not make any effect
i'm using atom on ubuntu
Hi! cant beautify html inside php file any way to do this ?
Sushant Joshi
@Glavin001 - atom-beautify build failing on Ubuntu..
Hi, atom-beautify is failing on my windows installation. Any tips?
Have been failing for last two builds, but I uninstalled all the other packages and installed atom-beautify as my first package, it works. Still not sure which one is conflicting to atom-beautify.