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    Can anyone tell me if the setting of "Control Origination" checkboxes are outputting correctly in goComply? For instance, if I put the below XML into an OSCAL file, shouldn't it render a checked checkbox for "Service Provider Corporate"? I can render the checkboxes from the "Implementation Status" area just fine.
    <description><p>FedRAMP SSP Template Section 13</p></description>
    <implemented-requirement uuid="e0198023-c291-420f-9859-85e195c4faa9" control-id="ac-1">
    <annotation name="implementation-status" ns="https://fedramp.gov/ns/oscal" value="not-applicable"></annotation>
    <annotation name="control-origination" ns="https://fedramp.gov/ns/oscal" value="sp-corporate"></annotation>
    Just can't seem to get Service-Provider Corporate to take.
    Šimon Lukašík
    It has been while since I wrote this, but I think this part may actually be unfinished.
    Here is the place, where code needs to be written in order to add control-origination description: https://github.com/GoComply/fedramp/blob/7826afe3ac943a0818d8dea1cdb82c33639dc7eb/pkg/templater/open.go#L88
    This method has access to the OSCAL Fedramp SSP and DOCX file, it just needs to bind the variables together.
    So are you necessarily supporting the tools anymore? I assume GoComply was/is basically you at this point?
    In the interim, will you take PRs? :-)
    @isimluk: I see you started merging in some stuff in September not for this org's wonderful OSCAL tools, but the SCAP tools in September. Is this org's development still active. Is it worth working on such tools with the team here? Would you prefer people fork the code?
    Šimon Lukašík
    @xee5ch:matrix.org, I don't fork. I will give you merge rights if you can deliver few patches to prove.
    Also, I am sorry, I haven't had chance to contribute much last 10 months or so.
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