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Dec 2014
Aleksei Mironov
Dec 17 2014 08:57
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Aleksei Mironov
Dec 17 2014 09:03
Hi! Is there a way to use Javelin with Wisp?
I am using Meteor.js and there is meteor-wisp package.
I want to try Javelin with Meteor (I like the spreadsheet like data bindings), will it compile seamlessly with Wisp?
Dec 17 2014 14:07
I'm not sure we have that much interop with cljs
Aleksei Mironov
Dec 17 2014 14:24
Thanks! Yeah I see, I just got an answer from Javelin dev, he says that I can use Mori for those missing parts :)
Aleksei Mironov
Dec 17 2014 14:54
btw is homoiconically means that we can have more cljs data structures native in Wisp?
Irakli Gozalishvili
Dec 17 2014 17:38
@kefirchik At the moment arbitrary clojurescript code won't compile via wisp compiler, although with some tweaks it's was easy enough to reuse cljs code. So I don't think javelin will work out of the box, unless there is js version of it in which case I don't see any problems
@kefirchik homoiconicity does not necessary imply that, although plan always was to support most data structures that are in clojure(script). Actually all standard ones with exception of (value to value maps) are there although they do compile into different (more native to JS) representations