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  • Dec 26 2018 13:10

    Grokzen on redis-py-3.0

    Ported in a few new testcases t… More unicode, bytestring fixes.… (compare)

  • Dec 25 2018 12:35
    coveralls commented #300
  • Dec 25 2018 12:35
    coveralls commented #300
@AlexBoyd Woot? O.o is there not MIT license for that repo already?
It should have been that added to the repo already
i will add
awesome. Thanks for that :)
Grokzen/docker-redis-cluster#25 PR to add the default MIT license if that would at all help.
Kyle Fuhrmann
Hi there! I've been using the redis-py-cluster module for a few days now, and I've run into an issue. For rc.cluster_nodes(), I run into an issue where my port is returned as 6379@16379, and it errors out because in the, def parse_cluster_nodes(...) uses 'port': int(port). I've changed this to str(port) which hasn't caused any issues in my setup, but I'm not sure if it would cause issues elsewhere.
John Loehrer
@Grokzen just started playing around with hyperloglog commands and noticed that pfcount is blocked on pipeline mode:
is there a good reason for that? it should have the same restriction as the non-pipelined mode and only works with keys mapped to the same hashslot but I'm only planning on using single-key calls anyway.
John Loehrer

I have a workaround:

rediscluster.pipeline.StrictClusterPipeline.pfcount = rediscluster.client.StrictRedis.pfcount

But I'd rather not have to use it.

Put up a small patch to fix a bug I found in the retry logic when hitting a timeout / connection error in pipelines
just a really small fix where a return was inside rather than after a loop.
I had install redis-python-cluster model on AWS VM, then test the redis cluster connect failed. So is that only support redis 3.0+ version?
But I use jedis test it was successfully
Hello everyone! I am new to redis-py-cluster . I run a rediscluster with redis4.0.1, redis-py-cluster proper functioning. But redis-py-cluster's document said that It only support redis 3.0.x. I am confused.
And What redis version redis-py-cluster can realy supported? the redis-py-cluster i am using is redis_py_cluster-1.3.4.
morning guys! i anybody can recommend async/await style rediscluster client for py3.6 what better to use with aiohttp / sanic or any async io http servers ?
hello, how about let and pipeline.multi() support unique slot operation? Is there a good method to solve this problem before watch() and multi() available?
@alwaysR9 There is not that i know of
Joshua Gardner
I'm getting an error AttributeError: 'ConnectionPool' object has no attribute 'nodes'
@Grokzen can you tell me which company is using this lib? Thank you.
Hi everyone :) I have some trouble connecting redis in python. When I do it in a simple programm it works but when I connect to redis an another programm via in a docker image, it doesn't work anymore. Did someone have an issue like this one ? Thanks in advance
hi all, im using macOS, why I can't use redis cluster even I set the IP= in the environment
Leon Lee
Hello, anyone can help me with the hset command in redis-py-cluster? It hangs there when I use hset command
anyone know how to use lua to run script?
rediscluster_.eval(lua, 1, key, int(time.time()), auth["nonce"])
these errors come out:
Error running script (call to f_d8fc9f4469dc3bea9662f1af23a225c6fbd33622): @user_script:12: @user_script: 12: Wrong number of args calling Redis command From Lua script : ResponseError
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/task/", line 115, in POSTCheckin
return checkin(request)
File "/var/task/", line 147, in checkin
get_secret_and_expiry(r, auth)
File "/var/task/", line 315, in get_secret_and_expiry
int(time.time()), auth["nonce"])
File "/var/task/redis/", line 2067, in eval
return self.execute_command('EVAL', script, numkeys, keys_and_args)
File "/var/task/rediscluster/", line 101, in inner
return func(
args, kwargs)
File "/var/task/rediscluster/", line 371, in execute_command
return self.parse_response(r, command,
File "/var/task/redis/", line 680, in parse_response
response = connection.read_response()
File "/var/task/redis/", line 629, in read_response
raise response
ResponseError: Error running script (call to f_d8fc9f4469dc3bea9662f1af23a225c6fbd33622): @user_script:12: @user_script: 12: Wrong number of args calling Redis command From Lua script
hi, anyone know Why doesn't redis-py-cluster support python redis 3.2.1.
Hello! Can anyone tell me what's the current status of feature/redis-py-3.0? How is the stability of it and when is it planned to be released?
Does listed issues in the above link still exist?
Kesava Vunnava

hi, >> import rediscluster

from rediscluster import RedisCluster
startup_nodes = [{"host": "", "port": "12540"}]
rc = RedisCluster(startup_nodes=startup_nodes, decode_responses=True)

it was blocking .
what can be the reason
Antonio Di Mariano

Hi guys, I've just installed redis-py-cluster 2.0.0 . I got this error

from redis._compat import unicode, bytes, long, basestring
ImportError: cannot import name 'bytes' from 'redis._compat'
redis                         3.5.0     
redis-py-cluster              2.0.0



Same error with the redis version 3.1.0.
Someonw can help me? Thanks

Antonio Di Mariano
so is the only working setup redis version 3.0.0 and redis-py-cluster 2.0.0 ?

because if I try with redis-py-cluster 1.3.4 and redis version 3.2 I got errors as well, like

from redis._compat import b, unicode, bytes, long, basestring
ImportError: cannot import name 'b' from 'redis._compat'

even if

Antonio Di Mariano
hi, any shares?