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    Abhishek Jaiswal
    Hello HSF family, my name is Abhishek Jaiswal, I'm a third-year CS major student at the IIIT Bhubaneswar. Contributed to open-source for more than a year now and well versed with python, data analysis, ML, and DL. Looking forward to learn, and contribute to this esteemed organization.
    Hello HSF family! I'm Shivang Sharma a fresher at JIIT. I have a decent knowledge in C,C++ and a very keen interest in open source. If possible, I would happily like to contribute to CERN-HSF projects in GSOC '22.
    Hello everyone !! I'm Kaustubh and Imma sophomore at IIIT Ranchi studying computer science. I have intermediate experience in Machine learning, deep learning and computer vision. As of backend I know my way around using Flask and basics of Django. Machine Learning related stuff intrigues me and makes me want to learn more. I'd love to contribute to CERN HSF's projects and be useful in any way possible. Looking forward to a journey with great learning experience. Here's my github profile : https://github.com/kaustubh-s1
    Hello everyone, I'm Gaurav Kumar a second year student form VJTI Mumbai. I am familiar with, c++, python, solidity and Machine learning and have made a few projects on the same. I'm intrested in contributing in HSF by solving issues.
    Purna Chandra Mansingh
    Hi Team, I am Purna Chandra Mansingh, I am new to open source and want to be part of GSoC 22.
    I have a little knowledge of Data Science and Machine learning using python and I am good in Data Structure & Algorithms.
    Could you please guide me on which project is suitable for me to start with?
    Hello, I am Gitansh from DTU(EE). I am currently in my first year and I have been fascinated with CERN since long. I have knowledge of Python and C++ and have been learning ML. Looking forward to contribute to the team!
    Yashika Sarkar
    Hello, I am Yashika Sarkar and I am really interested in CERN and its projects. I have some knowledge of the technologies mentioned and I want to understand how to exactly start off contributing.
    3 replies
    Yashika Sarkar
    What steps do I need to take in order to move forward?
    Pranav Khurana
    Hi guys, Just a quick one, I tried opening the link for project ideas for 2022 but it throws 404 error does that happen to anyone else as well or is it just me?
    Gurjyot Singh Bhullar
    @PKhurana09 happening with me too!
    Sambhav Saxena
    @PKhurana09 Its because the projects are not declared yet, but the link has been created and will soon be updated.
    Hello, I am Somya Bansal, a 2nd-year Computer Science and Engineering undergrad at IIT BHU. I am familiar with python and C++ (also I have worked a bit with Django, MySQL, HTML and CSS). I have started learning ML, and computer vision is something which excites me as of now. I am highly passionate for physics (especially high energy physics), and have wanted to work for CERN for a long time. Also, I am new to open source, but would like to contribute to CERN using GSOC.
    Hi. Since some of the project are up right now, and mention to contact the mentors regarding the evaluation task, is it alright to contact the mentors right now? However, the landing page also mentions that the first contact has to be made after 6th March.
    Gunjan Dhanuka
    Hi! :wave: I am Gunjan Dhanuka, a second-year undergrad in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Guwahati. I have worked on a number of ML/DL projects, and am comfortable with C++ and Python. I have made projects with Django, React and Streamlit in the past two years. I am very interested in CERN and its activities and would love to contribute through GSoC, since I am quite fascinated by the merger of CS and Physics in this domain. I have contributed to Open Source orgs like Appwrite in the past and am looking forward to taking up GSoC with CERN :star:
    Adit Mehta
    Hello all, I am Adit Mehta, a 1st-year Computer Software and Database Development student doing my post-graduation. Completed my undergraduate. I have experience in python and C++ (also I have one year of experience in React, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, NodeJS, Express and CSS). I have started learning ML, and computer vision excite me. I am highly passionate about physics and mathematics. Also, I have experience in contributing to open source and contributing to CERN would be great.
    Vipul Maheshwari
    @apupneja Hi apupneja! I think everyone should abide by the rules. Thanks
    Ishita Mehta
    Hello everyone, This is Ishita. I am a Software Engineering sophomore. I am proficient in C++/Python and have experience in JavaScript, SQL, Tensorflow. Open source is a new domain that I wish to explore. Any suggestions/ guidance on how to contribute to CERN HSF would be highly appreciated. Please feel free to reach out.
    Amey Varhade
    Will more projects be added or the project list is finalized ?
    Sayandeep Ghosh
    Hi @agheata , I want to know if I am allowed to contact the mentors regarding skills and tutorials required for specific project before march 7(evaluation task) since it is being mentioned in the guidlines mot to contact them before march 7. Thanks!
    Andrei Gheata
    Hi, few more projects will be added during the week. Most mentors will probably put requests on hold until Orgs are announced by Google. We do not encourage contacting them yet.
    1 reply
    Kushagra Srivastav
    The first step for us is, we have to choose the project and send the propsal to the respective mentor?
    1 reply
    Shashank Kashyap
    Hi, myself Shashank Kashyap Vijay Kumar Pandey. I am a 1st year BSc Physical Science with Electronics Student at ARSD College, University of Delhi. In my childhood, I used to watch a lot of things about Particle Physics and Anti-matter on Discovery Channel and that is how I got to know about CERN for the first time. I am also interested in computer programing, especially in Python( Data Analytics and Django) and JavaScript. Being a part of an Open-source community would be a great experience for my learning. I would like to be a part of this community even after GSoC so that I could explore this domain more and could be a contributor for the long run.
    Hi, my name is Ammar Shaikh, I am a 3rd year student at IIT ISM Dhanbad pursuing BTech. in Computer Science. I have worked on a number of projects on ML/DL with a keen focus on Computer Vision. I also have intermediate experience in frontend Web Development. My hobbies include Competitive programming and watching football. I am looking forward to have an opportunity at contributing to projects hosted by CERN.
    Kaveesha Dinamidu
    Hi everyone, I'm Kaveesha Dinamidu, currently a 2nd-year undergraduate in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I have skills in C, C++, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Apart from that, I am confident with many Javascript frameworks also. And I am a newbie to Open Source Community and I am looking forward to contributing to CERN in GSoC 2022.
    Andrei Gheata
    Hi @/all , now that CERN-HSF was officially accepted, feel free to contact by mail the mentors of your preferred projects advertised in our page. Good luck!
    Mark Verma
    Hi everyone, I'm Mark. I'm a Computer Science sophomore. I am proficient in Python and C++ and have experience in SQL, Tensorflow and GCP. I have contributed to Opensource projects before . Suggestions on how to contribute to CERN HSF would be highly appreciated. Please feel free to reach out.
    Muskan Sharma
    Hello, I had contacted the mentor of the project I am interested in on 7th March, and haven't received any reply yet. How should I proceed further?
    Yes, I'm facing the same issue. I haven't received a reply as well. What can I do next?
    divyansh tiwari
    Hi @agheata ,I contacted the mentor of the project I'm interested in as well ,but haven't received any response yet.What do to next?
    Sayandeep Ghosh
    Hi @agheata , I have contacted a mentor about a particular project . He replied that he will soon give me a short evaluation task on 9th March. Since then I haven't received any reply. Please tell me whether I should reply to the respected mentor regarding the evaluation task. Thanks!
    Haiya Shah
    Even I haven't received a reply yet. Have the others got it?
    Aibek Bekbayev
    Hi, I had a first contact with a mentor a week ago and then haven't received feedback. Is it ok to write follow-ups to the mentor? because I guess they are overwhelmed by applications.
    Mayukh Pankaj

    Hey everyone, I am Mayukh Pankaj, a sophomore pursuing computer science engineering at Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, India. I am passionate about Computers and love development be it web/ app.
    I am fluent with

    • JS , C++ , Python
    • Flask, NodeJS

      • React & React Native
      • HTML CSS JS

      I can learn if anything else is required.

    It would be a great privilege to contribute to CERN, where the web was developed by Tim berners lee & home to many great scientists.
    I will be taking part in GSOC for the first time.
    Looking forward to a great learning experience.


    Tushar Kumar
    Hello everyone , i am Tushar Kumar pre-final year student in Computer Engineering from IIIT Bhubaneswar ,India. I am taking part in GSoC for the first time. I am fluent in C++, Python and MERN Stack Web Development. I am highly interested to contribute in CERN . Looking forward to have a collaborative learning and working experience.
    Hey everyone , have anyone contacted a mentor and tell him how to write the propsal ?
    Ahmed Omar
    Did anyone get feedback from mentors about their evaluation test results?
    4 replies
    Hi there, do I submit the final proposal to hsf-gsoc-admin@googlegroups.com ?
    Tirthankar Mazumder
    Hi @kfan326, your final proposal has to be submitted on the official GSoC website, i.e. on https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
    2 replies
    Sebastián Kay

    Hey! I'm Sebastian Conde, a soon-to-be second year computer science and math student at the Technical School of Madrid.
    I'm fluente with python and java, but I can learn anything that is required.

    This is my first time participating in the GSOC and I would be super honored to contribute to CERN.

    How can I participate and help?

    Looking forward to an amazing learning experience!

    Sayandeep Ghosh
    Can anyone see any status written with the submitted proposals in their official GSOC 2022 dashboard?
    15 replies
    Karthik Sundar
    where to check for accepted projects??
    Himanshu Mishra
    Anyone got any mails?
    7 replies
    The Project List has been Announced
    is there a discord/slack/irc channel specifically for accepted contributors?
    1 reply
    Arkaprabha Chakraborty
    Hiya everyone! Are there any projects open to work whose proposals didn't make it to GSoC or students didn't apply to solve/work on it? If so then I can work on them :)
    Hi everyone! I'm Arush Samadhia. I am really interested in contributing to HSF. I am well versed in python and C++. Can someone guide me from where shall I begin or are there any problems on which I can work?
    Aayush SInha
    Hey everyone! I am Aayush and currently learning physics and machine learning using python. I hope to contribute to these projects.
    Hi everyone!! I am Ojas...I am very eager to contribute to HSF in any way possible...I am a proficient with web tehcnologies . I would be honored to contribute an organization like CERN...
    How can I contribute??