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    Eduardo Rodrigues
    Hi @lukasheinrich and @mayou36, here is the new room :-). Feel free to invite anyone you like ...
    Jonas Eschle
    Hey, thanks for that!
    Matthew Feickert
    Thanks @eduardo-rodrigues
    @mayou36, @matthewfeickert and others from the stats BoF at CHEP, there's a CMS-internal Combine workshop next week so a lot of key people will be at CERN. I'm not sure where the discussions you had about a "likelihood model standardisation / format" have got to but it could be a good opportunity to talk to the people on CMS you'd want to discuss with.
    @benkrikler I'm supposed to be meeting Josh
    would it be possible to give a presentation at this workshop (similar how we, the pyhf people, gave one at the LHCb internal workshop)
    I'm not involved in organising the workshop, but I could put you in touch with people who are, if you want
    Chris Burr
    It's not PyHEP but has anyone tried to do simple likelihood fits in javascript? If so, did you use an existing minimiser or did you write something yourself?