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    Harsheet Kakar
    i copied the parameters from another function just to be sure
    Harsheet Kakar
    Vishal Desai
    put the default argument path at last after all non-default arguments, in the argument list of the function definition
    Harsheet Kakar
    Ok will try that
    Harsheet Kakar
    that worked @vddesai1871 thanks
    Arib Alam
    @Mec-iS are we going to bring in the feature of NL to hydra parsing in the near future?
    Devdutt Shenoi
    It seemed interesting, but isn't that something to be implemented within the respective clients than making it part of the larger ecosystem. Though we could have a NL enabled parser too.
    obviously first we need the client, that is a feature for the client
    I'm not sure what purpose will NL serve for someone working with web APIs
    Chris Andrew
    Mostly querying data without having to send explicit request. A NL query to request conversion would be required for that.
    But yeah ,this is not a goal in the near future.
    with a NL-like calling interface, it would be possible to query the API from any language programmatically with just somethikg like GET abc resource with id 3
    I am Shubham Agarwal. I want to contribute to this org. Can you guide me through this.
    Gustavo Morais
    Hello @shadow2956, welcome to our community! We have a full guide here: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/ and when feeling ready to contribute head over to: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/Starting-Material
    And you can always reach us out here if you have a question
    Can you tell me about how can i get selected for gsoc 2020 in this org
    first you need to be familiar with the Org and the technical objectives listed in the Starting Material, trying to run and deploy your own API with hydrus can help. Then you can start contributing by trying to solve the issues tagged with "good-to-start" or similar.
    hi, I am Moha Jain. Can anyone guide me , how to contribute to this org in documentation and hence getting selected for gsod 2019.

    @mohajain Hello,

    Thank you for your interest in Hydra Ecosystem! Technical Writer applications are now open for the Google Season of Docs program and I wanted to share a few resources that might help you prepare your application:

    Technical Writer application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGDY4LC_7OknP2zi90JTkH0qDrCm1AQFiB6LmwXAtnTnr1rg/viewform
    Technical Writer guide: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/tech-writer-guide
    Technical Writer application hints: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/tech-writer-application-hints
    Assessment guidelines: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/project-selection#assess-proposal
    Hydra Ecosystem Starting Material: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/Starting-Material
    Hydra Ecosystem Project Ideas: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/seasonofdocs-2019

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to the group. I am excited to be a part.
    Chris Andrew
    Hi @nupursr , please read the docs and the getting started page to know more about how you can start helping out. Welcome to the org. 😄
    Jatin Kumar
    Hi there,
    I am Jatin, selected for GSOD'19. I am working on improving UX of website, so that a new comer can get started easily. It would be a great help in case you can share the difficulties you had while getting started, difficulties could be related to design, content flow, insufficient information, etc. Feel free to share anything that you think prevented you from getting started easily. Any suggestions that you might have are also welcomed.
    Abhishek Sharma
    @chrizandr please create new slack invite link... This link is not working.
    Sorry about that. The old link expired for some reason :sweat_smile:
    Akshay Dahiya
    @/all Added the slack invitation link to group description.
    Muhammed Ali
    please can someone share a link and active Hydra project that uses python
    Muhammed Ali
    Hello, will hydra be in gsoc 2021?
    Saurav Shrivastav
    @xadahiya the slack link is expired
    can you get us a new one?