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  • Aug 27 13:26

    Mec-iS on develop

    fix hydrus_server_url (#603) (compare)

  • Aug 27 13:26
    Mec-iS closed #603
  • Aug 27 13:26
    Mec-iS closed #602
  • Aug 22 08:30
    farazkhanfk7 review_requested #603
  • Aug 14 17:08
    farazkhanfk7 opened #603
  • Aug 14 17:07
    farazkhanfk7 opened #602
  • Aug 11 09:11

    farazkhanfk7 on v0.4.7


  • Aug 11 09:06

    farazkhanfk7 on develop

    bump version to 0.4.7 (compare)

  • Aug 07 12:53

    farazkhanfk7 on develop

    fix: column(string) unknown dat… (compare)

  • Aug 06 14:18

    Mec-iS on develop

    Changes in tests in hydrus : re… (compare)

  • Aug 06 14:18
    Mec-iS closed #601
  • Aug 02 09:13
    Mec-iS review_requested #601
  • Aug 02 09:12
    farazkhanfk7 opened #601
  • Jul 28 20:20

    farazkhanfk7 on v0.4.6


  • Jul 28 20:18

    farazkhanfk7 on develop

    Bump version to 0.4.6 (compare)

  • Jul 27 17:09
    Mec-iS labeled #404
  • Jul 27 17:09
    Mec-iS unlabeled #404
  • Jul 27 17:08
    Mec-iS edited #404
  • Jul 27 17:04
    Mec-iS closed #595
  • Jul 27 17:04
    Mec-iS commented #595
@capsulecorplab Hi, you just need to send an email presenting yourself and your ideas, don't need to join the group. some references:

Thank you for your interest in Hydra Ecosystem! Technical Writer applications are now open for the Google Season of Docs program and I wanted to share a few resources that might help you prepare your application:

Technical Writer application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGDY4LC_7OknP2zi90JTkH0qDrCm1AQFiB6LmwXAtnTnr1rg/viewform
Technical Writer guide: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/tech-writer-guide
Technical Writer application hints: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/tech-writer-application-hints
Assessment guidelines: https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/project-selection#assess-proposal
Hydra Ecosystem Starting Material: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/Starting-Material
Hydra Ecosystem Project Ideas: https://www.hydraecosystem.org/seasonofdocs-2019

Sean Marquez
@Mec-iS got it, thanks!
Devdutt Shenoi

Hi Everyone,
The CFP for posters, for PyCon India 2019, is open!

Posters are graphical summary of projects or ideas. They are usually
presented with an A0 size poster, but any creative ways are always welcome.
The poster session provides an opportunity to network with the conference
attendees and acts as a starting point for further discussions. While talks
generally needs to appeal to a wide section of the community, posters can
cover niche topics.

PyCon India 2019 will be having a poster presentation session at post
lunch, day 1. During the poster presentation session you will be provided
with a poster board that can hold an A0 size poster, and a table to place
your laptop, for demos. Conference attendees interested in your topic, will
stop by, during which you can give them a brief presentation / demo.

To submit your proposal and for more details visit

For more details about PyCon India 2019, please visit https://in.pycon.org/

@/all this is something interesting, shouldn't we do this, especially since most of our code is in Python!
Devdutt Shenoi
Also, there is this conference coming up conf.mec.dev where there'll be DevSprints(hackathon format for OpenSource contributions), I was thinking of applying for small code fixes and community creation during that period. Would love it if we could create a few issues for beginners to crack at and get started. Especially in the documentation part of things. Can we?
Devdutt Shenoi
@de-sh Thanks for the news, I think @xadahiya and @chrizandr can be interested
Devdutt Shenoi
Oh, that would be wonderful! cc: @chrizandr @xadahiya
Star Dust

Hello everyone,
My team and I at IIT is working on a project based on women safety. We are calling everyone from our contacts to help us by contributing on our dataset collection application. This will not take more than few minutes. We are collecting audio samples for certain keywords and the complete dataset will be released later on.
Please go to: https://quickspeech-in.web.app?ref=g and feel free to ask any questions. Help us by sharing it as well :)

Thank you!

Devdutt Shenoi
An article on GSoC Stage 1 work by @vddesa1871 : https://medium.com/@vddesai1998/gsoc-phase-1-fe7b7baa1b39
Abhimanyu Shekhawat
when i try to run hydra-python-client, following every step of documentation
i am getting this error
Am i missing something or some bug on source side?
Akshay Dahiya
CC @Guttz
Gustavo Morais
Hello @Abhimanyu121, thanks for reporting. Are you using master or develop branch? This seems related to our hydra_core changes we're merging now
With this terminal open, try to use the Agent package(https://github.com/HTTP-APIs/hydra-python-agent#agent-package) and let me know if it works
Abhimanyu Shekhawat
@Guttz I tried with master branch this time and used agent package.
But still getting same error
Gustavo Morais
Oh, you're using the deployed hydrus at We had a breaking change in a recent version of the Hydra Doc and this link is serving an older version, but thanks for reminding us. You can host a local hydrus in some steps following https://github.com/HTTP-APIs/hydrus#demo, then you'll have a local localhost link and can try both tools from the repo :).
Obs: run hydrus serve --no-auth to remove auth and easier first interactions.
Abhimanyu Shekhawat
Thank you, I will use local server :D
Jatin Kumar
Hi there,
I am Jatin, selected for GSOD'19. I am working on improving UX of website, so that a new comer can get started easily. It would be a great help in case you can share the difficulties you had while getting started, difficulties could be related to design, content flow, insufficient information, etc. Feel free to share anything that you think prevented you from getting started easily. Any suggestions that you might have are also welcomed.
Vishal Mishra
Hi There, I am new to open source community and would like to contribute to this project.
Rajkumar Mittal
Hi I'm also new to open source and i also want to contribute can anyone tell me how to do that
Chris Andrew
Rahul Karmakar
Hi I am Rahul and I am student from City engineering college,Bangalore. I am new to this open source community stuff. so I would like to know can i contribute
Chris Andrew
Hi guys. We have officially moved to slack for our conversation now. You can join using the invite link.
Akshay Dahiya
@/all Added the slack invitation link to group description.
hello guys, I am new to open source can someone guide me through this course
Arteev Raina
Hi, everyone I am Arteev. I am looking forward to contribute in this organization. Can anyone suggest me some projects based on Javascript?
Devarshi Goswami
Hello There! I am new to contributions. Can someone suggest a python-based project I can work on?
hii all...i am new here can anyone suggest any web development project i can work on
Hi all my self ritwik and project seems very interesting to me and love to work on it and tech stack is similar can anyone please guide me to get started with contribution
Tushar Mohan
Hello Everyone.! I am a python developer and would to contribute to the community. Can someone help with some issues I can start working on?
Muhammed Ali
please can someone share a link and active Hydra project that uses python
Muhammed Ali
Hello, will hydra be in gsoc 2021?