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  • Jan 26 2019 19:17
    cvuorinen commented #794
  • Jan 23 2019 18:14

    phillipthelen on develop

    Fix setting timezone fix issues when app is resuming add timezone offset to debug em… and 1 more (compare)

  • Jan 21 2019 10:30
    flexbusterman commented #978
  • Jan 19 2019 07:28
    Alys closed #1098
  • Jan 19 2019 07:28
    Alys commented #1098
  • Jan 07 2019 18:30
    debashisbiswas opened #1098
  • Jan 07 2019 14:57
    phillipthelen closed #1070
  • Jan 07 2019 14:42
    phillipthelen closed #1087
  • Jan 07 2019 14:42
    phillipthelen closed #1085
  • Jan 07 2019 14:42
    phillipthelen closed #1084
  • Jan 07 2019 14:41
    phillipthelen closed #1093
  • Jan 07 2019 14:41
    phillipthelen closed #1092
  • Jan 07 2019 14:40
    phillipthelen closed #1091
  • Jan 07 2019 14:32

    phillipthelen on develop

    updated navigation.xml to use s… (compare)

  • Jan 07 2019 14:32
    phillipthelen closed #1097
  • Jan 07 2019 14:32
    phillipthelen closed #1095
  • Jan 07 2019 14:32
    phillipthelen commented #1097
  • Jan 03 2019 06:21
    debashisbiswas opened #1097
  • Jan 02 2019 20:26
    saraolson labeled #1096
  • Jan 02 2019 20:25
    saraolson labeled #1096
Mwamè d'Acen
again it was a silly impression
David Barnett
Is anyone planning to look at #394 for auto-capitalization? There was some discussion on the linked bug #393, but now we're waiting for someone to respond on the bug/PR
David Barnett
Do we use Trello for Android feature requests?
Simon St. Barth
Any news about #348?
Miheer Dewaskar
I can't login using facebook on the app. The facebook login page appears and then it immediately dissappears.
Phillip Thelen
@miheerdew what build are you using? If you build it yourself, the login won't work, because it does not contain the necessary keys
Daniel Gomez Rico
Guys if I want to build the app to send a pull request do I need to create all the json files and resources like fabric and others just for the build? there's no staging files open there?
I think this makes hard to contribute to it
No it's really easy to contribute, it's just there is no straightforward tutorial on setting it up, it's actually much easier than the website IMO
@danielgomezrico When you build it it will throw a few errors about missing files, if you look at where the file is supposed to be, you'll find a .example file just copy it and remove the .example
Daniel Gomez Rico
Ok, I agree
Calvin Christian

Hi all, I'm Calvin and I'm quite new to open source and mobile development. I'm in progress of fixing issue #537 . Can someone please enlighten me on the best practices to test your code? Should I create a dummy account?

Thanks in advance :)

Hello, I made this issue #719 I tried to reproduce it with my second item but it didn't crash in debug mode. If I can have access to the stack trace reported on play then I can have a look at this?
Jan Christian Grünhage
Hey, I just started looking into custom API endpoints again, and the switch to dagger messed up my ApiClient Code. What would be the best way to tell an ApiClient to use a different Api Endpoint? Constructing a new one and passing the right one there is obviously out of question, because that is handled by dagger.
Daniel Gomez Rico
Hi guys
I saw that there's an unconsistency over the sdk versions for all the modules of the android project
also with the travis setup
Im trying to improve it with this PR
will be cool if someone can give a look
because all the tests will fail because of it
I've recently forked the repo, and I'm having issues with firebase. Apparently I don't have a valid Google App ID and need to download a config file, but I don't get where/how. I'm getting this error: "Error:Execution failed for task ':Habitica:processAmazonDebugGoogleServices'.
Unexpected format of Google App ID. Please follow instructions on https://firebase.google.com/ to get a config file that contains a valid Google App Id or update the plugin version if you believe your Google App Id [app-id] is correct."
Mikaela Suomalainen
Is there an issue or plans to do something to unclickable links in party description/chat? It's a little annoying on mobile in a party which uses Doodle for voting which quest to do next.
Phillip Thelen
We have plans to fix that, but don't know yet when that will be
Mikaela Suomalainen
Egorka Voronyansky
Hi all, I am Yegor and I am java junior programmer. I would help to develop habitica, also meet new frineds. I live in Moscow, Russia. Also I would like to get experience from most experienced members of this open source project:)