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Repo info
    Martijn Russchen
    Hi there :)
    Parth Desai
    Hey, is it possible for me to give a className to datepicker component for styling reasons?
    looking to apply form-control class from bootstrap
    oh nvm just read the docs
    Parth Desai
    @martijnrusschen hey, so i'm using your react-datepicker
    the way it is in docs
    and this is my code to handleChnage
    handleChange: function(date){
    date: date
    this.state.date reflects the previous selection
    while console.log(date) reflects the current value
    Rafee Memon
    state changes don't happen atomically, the setState api takes in a callback that is called after the change happens
    Cody Jenkins
    Heya @martijnrusschen and @rafeememon! Any thoughts on when we might see a v0.30.0? I'm currently using a forked version of react-datepicker in another project. I'd love to point at the real deal if I can.
    Cody Jenkins
    @martijnrusschen saw
    Oops! Saw you published a new version. Thanks and congrats!
    Eran Amiel
    @martijnrusschen i'm trying to load the css using "require('css!react-datepicker/dist/react-datepicker.css');" the css is loaded but not applied to the component, any idea why ?
    Eran Amiel
    never mind, i found the issue. tnx
    Jordan Addison
    Hey guys I saw you pushed 0.36.0 earlier to fix the regression when clearing the date. Any idea when you will push to npm?
    Tom Mead


    Using version 40.0.0, I'm trying to trigger the DatePicker opening when the input is focused. The use case is that after a date has been selected and the DatePicker has closed, we'd like the Enter key to trigger opening the DatePicker, should the user want to change their selection.
    I've attempted to implement this with something like:

    this.refs.datePicker.refs.input.refs.input.onkeydown = function() {     
       console.log("Open Sesame");
    this.refs.anyOtherInput.onkeydown = function() {

    The first example will successfully log, but not open the DatePicker.
    The second example will open the DatePicker successfully. Any ideas why the first one won't?

    Thanks in advance, Tom

    Tom Mead
    Looks like it explicitly sets it to false on Enter - https://github.com/Hacker0x01/react-datepicker/blob/v0.40.0/src/datepicker.jsx#L188
    It'd be nice to be able to modify the behavior.
    Thomas Standing
    Does anyone know how to use date-picker in react slingshot?
    I have the datepicker rendering on the page but in the documentation it says to declare the initial state but from what I read this is deprecated, any help would be awesome!
    Hi everyone, I'm facing an issue that my date picker UI is really small.. unlike the demo, looks perfect.
    Jon Major
    Hey, I am struggling react-datepicker with Redux. Any help please? I can start sharing my code on request
    Ha… Fixed! My destructuring got the best of me (:
    I'm trying to style the react-datepicker calendar. Can anyone point me the way?
    nevermind, I skimmed past the customCalendarClassname
    Hi, I'm trying to use react-datepicker and I'm finding that I can't input date via the textbox until one is selected on the calendar. If I select a date on the calendar I can change the date manually in the textbox but as soon as I lose focus, the textbox is readonly again until I next pick a date via the calendar. Does anyone know how to make the textbox always editable?
    has anyone here used the react-datepicker with react-redux-forms ?
    Will Olson

    Was wondering if someone could help me with my redux implementation. Right now I am trying to update my date range like so:

      endDate={moment(this.props.endDate || new Date())}
      onChange={(e)=>this.updatePrompt("startDate", e.format())}
      placeholderText="Start Date"
      endDate={moment(this.props.endDate || new Date())}
      onChange={(e)=>this.updatePrompt("endDate", e.format())}
      placeholderText="End Date"

    but I am getting the following console error when I try to use the form:

    Uncaught TypeError: e.clone is not a function

    Has anybody seen this before?

    Will Olson
    Alright I think I fixed it, or at least got around my problem. I looked into .format() and realized I didn't really need it. Once I removed that step the error went away.
    Does anypne know why calling that function on a moment object would cause that error?
    Martin Nordström
    hey guys!
    does anyone now why im getting this: Cannot read property 'date' of null?
    hi guys !
    can someone take a look at this issue Hacker0x01/react-datepicker#1057
    Great module guys, really!
    just one question :) I've just started using it and I can't help notice the rendering on Ubuntu [Virtualbox hosted on Windows] when looking at Firefox and Chormium is a bit small
    how do I make it a bit bigger, if that make sense? sorry, i'm more of a back-end dev myself otherwise I'd dig into the CSS
    should it be this small?
    Riyazahmed Panarwala
    how to reduce bundle size of react-datepicker library ?