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@kumarivin can you help me out.
Trinadh Gupta
@pidugusundeep in section3 of the page http://deepdive.stanford.edu/quickstart you should be able to query the results and cross verify with what is published .. that should be it, for any example in the tutorial..
I'm attempting to install dd for MacOS High Sierra 10.13.1 and am getting an invalid syntax error. Does anyone else have any experience with this error, or how to fix it?
Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 11.06.03 AM.png
Hi, guys. I am a new user of DeepDive. At present, I have encountered a "Out of Memory Error" problem when using the command "deepdive do sentences" to test the spouse_example with the default parameters (JAVA_OPTS -Xmx4g). Has anyone got this type of error before and how can I solve it?
@fhooton I encountered the same problem,Do you resolve this problem?
@aym19900825 No resolution yet
When I install the deepdive by command "bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/getdeepdive)",

When I install the deepdive by command "bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/getdeepdive)",
tar: Error opening archive: Failed to open 'deepdive-v0.8-STABLE-Darwin.tar.gz'

Failed installation for deepdive_from_release

Failed installation for deepdive

what should I do next?


After source installing,
I run the command "make test ONLY=test/postgresql/spouse_example.bats"
and receive this error message:

Found 0 shared library directories

Bundling extra shared libraries to lib/bundled

bash >= 4.2 not found

BuildKit: unmet requirement for dependency bash

make[2]: [.build/depends.found-all] Error 1
[build-submodule-mindbender] Error 2
make: * [dist/stage/.build-info.sh] Error 2

After deepdive finished installation on centos 6.5 platforn,
I try to run the command "deepdive do articles"<
however,I get an error "~/util/load-computer-driver.sh: line24: DEEPDIVE_COMPUTER_TYRE: unbound variable" , how to solve it, could someone help me , thanks in advance
besides, when I run it on debian 9.4, it's successful without this kind of error...
Anyone knew my problem? When I installed deepdive first time, it said my MINGW version is not supported?
when i run 'deepdive do sentences' , it will abort 'permission denied' and 'no such session'
i would be appreciated it if someone who knows the answer to deal with it ,,thanks!!
Tien Dinh
Hello, I am having problem with quick installing DeepDive bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/getdeepdive)
I have updated openssl to the latest version but that doesn't fix the issue
This is the error I get when I run the install line: dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libssl.1.0.0.dylib Referenced from: /Users/lukedinh/anaconda3/lib/libssh2.1.dylib Reason: image not found
Any help is much appreciated
when i choose install the Deepdive the console shows above. I would much appreciated it if someone who can tell me how to do next
it has to install python,thanks!!!
how to install in ubuntu18.04
Alberto Netzahualcoyotl Arroyo Cervantes
Hello @growerwang , @hankniu01 , @GhostGengar, @lwxh I spent about a year installing deepdive for my thesis, never got the parser working. But the docker-sandbox works very good at once, and lighter, just install docker and docker-compose in an ubuntu desktop environment (even if you're on MAC o Windows, you should use an ubuntu desktop VM). Then reading a little about volumes and you should have no problems to start using deepdive.
Hope it helps.
hello!, excuse me. can i try to image analysis using deepdive? i understood this framework generates repairs from texture error(just using ddlog.). isn't it? summary, repeat to my question. can i use in a image dataset?
Hi. Can deepdive be used for NER? If can, is there any tutorials? Thanks
@netza2 @netza2 Ive installed docker & docker-compose, what to do next
Is this deepdive is paid tool?
Alberto Netzahualcoyotl Arroyo Cervantes
@rsingh2083 now you can run the installation command from the quickstart and select the deepdive_docker_sandbox. Then you can continue with the spouse tutorial: https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/HazyResearch/deepdive/blob/master/examples/spouse/DeepDive%20Tutorial%20-%20Extracting%20mentions%20of%20spouses%20from%20the%20news.ipynb
i'm zhangzibao
i meet some problems
the console print below messages when i want to start the nlpcore
i am getting deepdive compile command error can i get any help
Hello! I am interested in using Felix to power our application. Is it possible to separate a Felix Docker container functionality out of the DeepDive container?
sorry , i don't know
and simply here nobody "lives"
was wondering if theirs anything similar to DEEPdive? and what types of uses is people utilizing deep dive for?
Hi is anyone still using deepdive? I can not get it to work on either Mac or Ubuntu VM. I have tried both docker and installing.
By not working I mean I cannot even run the spouse example using docker
Bruce Ho
It appears there is a lot of user interest, but all of the original researchers have left the building.
Hi All
I would like to know about deep dive