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Jul 2015
Jul 28 2015 05:05 UTC
@mikeb01 : in the linear iterator (same for the log iterator) is that really a ||, looks like it should be a && instead?
if (has_next(iter) ||
peek_next_value_from_index(iter) > linear->next_value_reporting_level_lowest_equivalent)
Michael Barker
Jul 28 2015 06:50 UTC
@ahothan From memory, a linear or logarithmic value can span multiple buckets, the || condition allows it to iterate "past" the end of the counts array to complete the iteration of the values.
There are unit tests that cover this which were ported from the Java implementation. You can muck around with the code and see how they behave. If you do a build the binaries will be in the test directory.
They can be run manually or using ctest.
Michael Barker
Jul 28 2015 07:05 UTC
I don't think that there is any specific documentation for the binary format other than what is in the Java and C code.