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Aug 2015
Gil Tene
Aug 06 2015 14:22 UTC
@mikeb01 @ahothan FYI, We added some log files (both V0 and V1) to the test resources directory in the Java version here:, along with some regression tests that verify some contents reading of those files. You can use the (V1 at least) file from there and port the test that verifies it ( to verify that you get the same contents that Java gets out of the same V1 file...
Aug 06 2015 15:22 UTC
@giltene thanks for the pointer, that is timely as I was looking for V1 samples from jHiccup and a way to verify.
I will definitely get the V1 log from that location and get the test code translated.
I already added a few encoded histograms from the HdrHistogram_c test runs (encoded from the standard load_histogram() uncorrected and corrected content) and they are decoding and adding fine now in python.