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Sep 2015
Sep 23 2015 01:33
@giltene @mikeb01: I have finally moved the python hdrhistogram git repo under HdrHistogram. When I have time I'll try to implement the performance tests for encode/decode on the same histogram so we can compare the various implementations.
@giltene: please no V3, do not change the encoding ;-)
I am working on performance and scale in distributed systems (OpenStack right now) and there are so many places where something like HdrHistogram with encoding would be terribly useful. There are tons of tools for measuring performance and scale and yet very few leverage histograms with good implementations like HdrHistogram.
I have seen one project that has a a clone of HdrHistogram which is FIO (, FIO is a popular tool for testing storage.
check this
Doesn't it look a lot like HdrHstogram? Seems to have been developed circa 2011. They could have used HdrHistogram because I may have to use that tool but am stuck with the lack of histogram encoding ;-(