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Mar 2016
Marshall Pierce
Mar 09 2016 00:06
Another question:
  • sizeOfEquivalentValueRange has a check for subBucketIndex >= subBucketCount, but it gets that value from the usual bucket index / sub bucket index calculations, so that shouldn't ever be >= subBucketCount, as far as I can tell. When would this happen?
(I hope you don't mind me picking over the math; my mind works bottom-up)
Gil Tene
Mar 09 2016 22:53
@marshallpierce : Not ignoring you. Just too tired and jet lagged between talks and conference stuff to do math well. I'll try to get to this in the next few days. And thanks for scrutinizing the math!
Darach Ennis
Mar 09 2016 23:52
Initial work-in-progress port to the Pony Language based on @mikeb01's C port.