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Apr 2016
Lee Campbell
Apr 11 2016 05:12 UTC
FYI The unofficial HdrHistogram.NET has been published to Nuget -
Supports v0,1&2 encodings. Has short, int and long implementations. Has a Long Synchronised implementation. API is documented for intellisence (code tooltips), symbols are published for live debugging and outperforms the "official version" by 7-10%.
Vladimir Bukhtoyarov
Apr 11 2016 06:21 UTC
And that is yet another library addressed to integrate HdrHistogram into metrics core. It will be supported until Marshall will complete its big plans about reporting pipeline.
Gil Tene
Apr 11 2016 08:13 UTC
@LeeCampbell : sorry for missing the previous note on this. Looks like this would be good to place in HdrHistogram/HdrHistogram.NET. I e-mailed you and Matt to coordinate.
Lee Campbell
Apr 11 2016 08:13 UTC
I would love that.