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May 2016
Lee Campbell
May 10 2016 07:55
@giltene I have updated the docs I had for the Log Format- Also moved them to the official repo
Gil Tene
May 10 2016 09:34
@LeeCampbell Cool! But just in time to need to update it for the new optional Tag= field in Histogram format ;-)
Lee Campbell
May 10 2016 14:12
Yup. Playing catch up at the moment. "Life" got pretty crazy in the last 6 weeks ;-)
May 10 2016 15:04

@LeeCampbell @giltene The description of the uncompressed histogram in is great! Just few comments...
File Format:

  • the use of "File" is not the best as this construct is not always saved in a file (for example in our app it is stored in a memory buffer and sent over the wire)
  • add valid values for cookie
  • add length encoding and valid range
    I initially struggled to understand the rational for this encapsulation, maybe @giltene can provide the history behind this (i.e. why do we have this encapsulation)?

CompressedHeader Format:

  • the description should specify the byte order for all the 32 and 64 bit fields (A to F)
  • list of valid cookie values
  • valid values for B to F

Perhaps a better (final) place is to have that document one level up or in a doc repo since it is language independent, then it'll be easier to have others contribute information to it (for example other people can add info related to encoding size and speed for their language implementation )