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Nov 2016
Marshall Pierce
Nov 23 2016 17:23 UTC
I don't have much of an opinion on separate repo vs java (either way, everyone except the java impl will have to clone another repo to get access to the sample files for testing), but making an obvious centralized place sounds great. It would also perhaps be a good place to put more documentation on the data structure itself
Nov 23 2016 23:28 UTC

+1 for a separate repo that is implementation agnostic
each implementation has its own unit test code and I think it should
just be kept there. However, instead of copying/translating around the unit test code to verify the compatibility of the V2 encoding/decoding, it would be great I think to have in that new repo:

  • a binary copy of a limited set of encoded histograms
  • along with a meta description of each of these binaries

That way writing the interop code (encode/decode and verify against the meta data + binary copy) will be generic and trivial in each implementation.