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Feb 2017
Marshall Pierce
Feb 24 2017 19:48
@giltene do you happen to recall under what circumstances subBucketIndex is greater than subBucketCount in ?
Is it possible that that once was intended to be a check for >= subBucketHalfCount when perhaps getBucketIndex had different behavior?
I have a bunch of tests around this in Rust and they still pass when I remove the conditional and simply use unitMagnitude + bucketIndex always, but maybe there's some corner case I haven't found
Gil Tene
Feb 24 2017 22:50
@Alex_Victoor_twitter I turned that "Allow members to create repositories for this organization" checkbox on now. Can you try again?
Gil Tene
Feb 24 2017 23:17
@marshallpierce Re: L1087 question above. Yeh, that check seems to be meaningless in the current logic, since subBucketCount is basically (value >>> bucketIndex), and the way bucketIndex is computed makes it impossible for that to be larger than subBucketCount. This may date back to a [very early] time where I considered the subBucketCount to be what we today call subBucketHalfCount (i.e. the actual number of slots in the array that are associated with a specific bucket). I'll l clean this up in the Java code...
Alexandre Victoor
Feb 24 2017 23:28
Thanks @giltene ! Transfer done