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Mar 2017
Marshall Pierce
Mar 05 2017 15:14
How common are the various hdrhistogram serialization formats? If everyone uses V2 these days, I won't bother implementing support for the old ones...
Gil Tene
Mar 05 2017 16:38
I wouldn't bother with the older (V0/V1) ones. Certainly not for output.
I kept them around pure for continuity. Log processors and plotters may want to support them to deal with older (>1-2 years) logs, but all new logging has been done with V2 for a while now.
Look at it this way: as long as there is some log processor that can read the V0/V1 stuff, others don't need to. And since the Java versions still supports them, which means Java based plotters (like HistogramLogAnalyzer) will read them, all other languages can avoid supporting them at all, hiding behind the excuse of "There is some alternative tool for those old logs".
Gil Tene
Mar 05 2017 16:43
Maybe I should build a log version converter in Java to make those older versions even more easy to ignore.