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Jun 2017
Gil Tene
Jun 01 2017 18:54
Q question for the various language implementors: Please take a look at HdrHistogram/HdrHistogram_py#14 . Should we be changing the way the count is derived from the percentile to consistently round up instead of rounding to the nearest integer count? Doing so seems to make sense to me, but since it would be a behavior change, I am very leery..
Julian Berman
Jun 01 2017 19:31
Hello there.
Jun 01 2017 22:05
IMHO this should be safe to change as it should normally not impact very large data sets which is I think what most real use cases of HdrHistogram is about.
Jun 01 2017 22:10
some test cases with smaller data sets might have to change to adjust to the possible new percentile values (and we could see some inconsistencies across implementations depending on whether the change was enacted or not).