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Sep 2017
Marshall Pierce
Sep 21 2017 17:26
Any thoughts on what would be easy for everyone to parse? JSON? I don't think we need too much structure. We could have a sidecar file that sits next to a serialized histogram.
Also, we've released the approach I outlined above in the rust implementation. Hopefully nobody notices any more FP issues ever and we can move on to less grisly details ;)
Gil Tene
Sep 21 2017 17:44
I created the Common repo under the HdrHistogram org. So far only a skeleton README and a LICENSE files
As you add material there, please make sure to add author names to the LICENSE file, both in the CC0 notice on top, and in the copyright notices associated with the BSD license.
Each of you only needs to add your name once, and keep the years on the copyright up to date as you keep adding stuff...
Marshall Pierce
Sep 21 2017 17:54
Oh, while on the topic of repo organization -- would this be a good time to move the rust repo into the HdrHistogram org so it's easier for people to find? (If not, are there features or other things that I should fix to get it ready?)
Sep 21 2017 18:40
Please use JSON ;-)
Marshall Pierce
Sep 21 2017 19:28
OK. Do you want to make a directory in the Common repo for some sample files? I'll try writing a tool (using the Java version) to iterate through them all and output some JSON with whatever I can think of that might be useful for other implementations to want to verify.