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Sep 2017
Gil Tene
Sep 24 2017 15:54
@marshallpierce : I (think) I fixed the settings on Common. It was read-only for members for some reason.
@marshallpierce : Re:Rust, yes, please move the Rust repo under the common organization.
Gil Tene
Sep 24 2017 16:04
On the subject of Common data files: Capturing specific histogram instances and related metadata (as you guys discuss above) in a way that would annotate the contents with it's expected quality would certainly be good for testing. But I'd like to do the same for histogram logs as well. Since a histogram log contains multiple histograms, we would need separate metadata per histogram line in the log. One way to do that without disrupting the file format can be to use comment lines in the log file to capture the metadata in JSON format (with or without newlines, where multi-lines need to remain in a single contiguous comment block, with each lines starting with #).
If we do this for histogram logs, we will effectively have a format for capturing metadata for histograms without an extra file, and can use single-histogram-line logs for our reference data.
(as well as multi-line logs, obviously).
Marshall Pierce
Sep 24 2017 17:03
OK. Before I go further on the test data problem then, I'll implement the log format for rust since that will be needed anyway