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Joel Hennessy
Is anyone in here good at Solidity?
Been trying to figure out whether this 5 ETH contract is breakable: https://etherscan.io/address/0x63d3d0215922b924c782c7b2a351ef8604e18da7
Hello, is anyone there?

Hey ZeroNet community! Would like to say i respect the work you all put into the project and have been really interested in learning more about the technical side of things.

I came across an interesting debate going lately on the overall general consensus issues and felt the Devs here would be some of the best to shed some light on.

Kyle Samani from Multicoin and Will Martino from Kadena are hosting an AMA - Town Hall style on the next wednesday (20th) over at Discord - inviting specifically blockchain devs and high level players in the space to drop questions on the issue of:

  • Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake. Pivoting around New Findings, Perspectives & Tradeoffs

High level thoughts from a community such as yours would be of utter value

Proof: https://twitter.com/kadena_io/status/1104102013355335680
Discord: https://discord.io/kadena

Aleksandr Sergeev
Official page says TLS encryption was added, but it’s not clear enough for me, so let’s clarify
In plain words, yes or no: is is possible for middle man (e.g. ISP) to sniff exactly what messages and images are transferred between Zeronet peers?
(I’m aware there is Tor, etc) My question relates to Zeronet itself. Is is like HTTP or connections between peers are encrypted like HTTPS.
destanycross Hi
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Hey @/all Anyone else joining Kadena's Formal Verification AMA with Certik? It's in 2 HOURS at discord.io/kadena
Kadena AMA Invitation .png
Иван Протасов

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Jose Juan Isaac Taveras
has anyone got it running on iphone?
whats up nerds
https://riot.im/app/#/room/#ipzn:matrix.org InterPlanetary ZeroNet, a better ZeroNet based on IPFS https://gitlab.com/ipzn/ipzn/
Jose Juan Isaac Taveras
@blurHY is that yours?
yeah of course
Jose Juan Isaac Taveras
i have not gotten into ipfs, but it seems interesting
what was the motivation for putting zeronet on top of ipfs?
Definitely worth checking out the Devcon Hackathon! Very easy to do, rewards are awesome and all skill levels are welcome! https://gitcoin.co/blog/announcing-the-road-to-devcon-hackathon/
hi. i'm wondering how Zeronet's TLS encryption work. It creates a self-signed certifcate per instance? Is TLS optional? Are there numbers about the percentage of instances using TLS?
Does anyone have a link or example how to use ipfs for storage and zeronet?
would like to find out how to add a crypto daemon into ZeroNet - KMD komodo is starting nSPV operated data transfer nodes and I would like to connect to this network.
room name - ask-jl777 - I would like to connect to ZeroNet for the public video streaming test
Can you use the zeronet network to publish a serverside rendered app?
Well, how would that one be distributed to peers. That's my real concern.
it wont be decentralized except for the db, will it?
Bloo Alien
@gabimunt Serve an API (secured with JWT or password, or a public API) over any Javascript accessible channel (over https or over some decentralized communication channel with a JS binding available) then distribute a single-page HTML/CSS/Javascript app over ZeroNet that pulls data from the API as necessary.
Mário Havel
Hi guys! I have a question about ZeroNet. I am looking for number of ZeroNet users. Is there any estimation of ZeroNet users/sites/nodes or a way how can I find this using my own client?

Anyone interested in DeFi and CBDCs should definitely check out this webinar tomorrow. One of the biggest steps for blockchain and the greatest form of adoption in my opinion!

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Anonymous 01001 Alliance
Is this the room for spamming?
Ravikant sharma