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Jul 2017
Jul 06 2017 00:18
New to P2P networks.. but is there a way to enforce a certain ratio of upload to download for all users using ZeroNet or other platform?
I really like the idea of Zeronet for this particular application, because users of this potential opensource project wont be very savvy in p2p networks.. so click to download would be awesome. It seems like zeronet can kindof abstract the bittorrent backend, so they down have to go through bittorrent softwares etc.. anonymity is not a big issue.. because nobody is trying to stop this..
Also Is there any timeline to support torrent-like file splitting for big file support? This would be critical for this application.. maybe I can help..
Jul 06 2017 05:41

Dear developers of zeronet:
I read the documentation in and it seems like have no Chinese edition ( is empty).
Would you admit me to the translation of Chinese version? I forked the latest repository of HelloZeroNet/Documentation and already doing the translation for a while. How should I commit the Chinese version when completed? Sincerely for your response.


Zhi Zeng
Jul 06 2017 10:18
I am a layman, can any one tell me how to use this?
Jul 06 2017 22:43
@stgapr Just register it on and send me the link and I will add it to the documentation.
@dibyadeeppaul Unfortunetly there is no way to enforce user to seed the content and right now no big file support.