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Jun 2018
Jun 08 2018 03:17
this room is about bitcoin ?
Jun 08 2018 21:56

@imachug I will ask you all the questions I ask myself, and answer the one you can :)
I'm also looking on my side ;-)
1 - Why didn't OpenBazaar set up on Zeronet?
2 - In the same example (Creating a marketplace), is it necessary to implement the ZeroID authentication system to make the marketplace user accounts work or is there another equivalent solution?
3 - Is a site system with a user account with a private message, publication of a message on a forum or to write a product notice, publication of an image on the forum or for the image of a product sold, publication of an article by users, management of their stock, creation and personalisation of their shop possible within the framework of a marketplace on ZERONET?
4 - Should I use ZeroID to implement features like these before?
5 - What ZeroID equivalent is used to create similar features?
6 - Possibility of status data to some members as "Moderator" or "Administrator" as well as features like ban members, closed some shops that will not comply with the laws, deleted an item without closing the shop entirely, warning system? With ZeroID or equivalent? Why? Why?
7 - To have the possibility of implanting other cryptomonnaie than the Bitcoin to leave to the sellers and buyers a broad choice of type of payment?
8 - Possibility of implementing a so-called "Escrow*" system? Is there a function to deposit his money on the portfolio on the site or on the contrary, if the customer can use his own portfolio synchronized possibly to his ZeroID account?
9 - For the creator of the site is it possible that it is a panel with changeable settings like commission percentage, to be able to add or remove product categories, to put a filter system to prevent putting an article online if there are certain non-compliant words?
10 - Is a marketplace technically stable and feasible? If so, how to make a marketplace? What are the tools, modules or functions to use to create a marketplace site on ZERONET (ZeroID? ...)?
11 - How does an escrow system work?
12 - How to implement it in a zite?

ZeroNet Security :
13 - Is it possible for a zite to be closed by the government?
14 - It seems to me that the Chinese firewall had blocked the p2p client communication port, but according to the new ZeroNet update the port changes randomly (One of the solutions was to use a fixed port (15441) that the client listens on a random port (10000-40000)), but does this risk still have value?
15 - Can a user account be hacked? Knowing that he uses cryptography similar to Bitcoin.
16 - Are there big security holes that could occur on a Zeronet site (roughly if user accounts could be hacked, if spying is possible and data recovery, if one or more people could close the site) despite the p2p system.
17 - Is there any point in doing zite updates? Because it's very secure with blockchain and file cryptography.
18 - What happens when someone hosts malicious content?
19 - Advantages and disadvantages of ZeroNet?
Thank you so much if you could answer me. ;-)
See you soon !