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Jun 2018
Sebastien Conejo
Jun 13 2018 12:34

Hi Everybody,

I'm here because I need beta testers to have feedback, it's not an add :smile: .

We have just launched a test version of Bet DEmocracy, a decentralized online sports betting platform.

We would like to take advantage of the World Cup to ask you to test the platform and give us a feedback.

For now, Bet Democracy is in Beta version. You can play only with fictitious money via Ropsten Test Net.

Our goal is to launch a final version for the start of the European Championships in September.

For that, we need you. Please can you spend 5 minutes to test Bet Democracy and give us a feedback? You can just send me a private message to talk about this or go to

Thank you for your time and feedback 😊😊😊