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Jun 2018
Jun 22 2018 19:11

sorry I was offline

Yeah, users also host the site. If by any chance the site is deleted, they can redownload it.
However, in this case a hacker can read user's private data - but I'm quite sure that's possible everywhere.

How ZeroID works is:

There is a server (don't remember the URL) somewhere in ClearNet (internet). When a user wants to register a new acount, he generates a public-private key pair. Now he sends a request to the server: "I want to registrer nick '...' with public key '...'" The server now checks that the nick is correct (e.g. it hasn't been used yet), and if everything is correct, saves that to "users.json" file in zeroid.bit, publishes it and others receive this file. Now if someone wants to check whether some public key is really associated with some nick, he can compare these two strings in "users.json". Easy-peasy.

@VPB_COM_twitter Oh yeah, of course a room called "ZeroNet - Decentralized WEBSITES using bitcoin CRYPTO" is about bitcoin. /sarcasm This room is about ZeroNet, a tool for creating WEBSITES (bitcoin doesn't support websites) using bitcoin CRYPTO (bitcoin uses this crypto as well, but for other stuff)
Jun 22 2018 19:17
  1. ZeroNet is not so popular
  1. You can use ZeroID, see example sites like ZeroTalk
3 - yes, that's all possible
4 - Yeah, ZeroID is only for user accounts (login/logout) - all other data should be stored by you on YOUR site, not ZeroID
5 - KaffieID, PolarID, PeakID, CryptoID, upcoming KxoID - there are many
6 - this is possible, you should read about "users.json" "permissions" feature
7 - That's possible
8 - sorry, didn't understand this question
9 - yeah, that's possible as well - for example, in ZeroBlog the owner will be able to add posts
10 - Unfortuntely, there aren't many features, but I'm going to release a plugin soon
Jun 22 2018 19:22
13 - only if the government shuts down all the computers hosting this site or has direct access to owner's computer
14 - Yes, if they're going to use DPI (deep packet inspection) - then we'll have to think more about the solution
15 - BitCoin can't be hacked if there is no access to private key at owner's computer - same here
16 - Well they CAN exist, and I've even found 2 of them, and tried to use them, but reported them to @nofish
17 - Then other peers will add it to ban list and won't listen to it or send anything
Jun 22 2018 19:35
17 - ZeroNet doesn't use blockchain - it uses bitcoin cryptography, which is private-public key generation and signatures - so no blockchain is used
Hope I've answered your questions
Jun 22 2018 21:17
@imachug very very thank you :smile: