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Mar 2017
Ole Hejlskov
Mar 13 2017 15:46
Hello! Question about
Are we in a “there can only be one” situation? I have a multi-module maven project and it would be a bit easier for each module to define their own (it’s all brought together and runs with the tomcat7-maven-plugin), but it seems that only the first one is registered
I put it in src/main/resources in all of the sub-modules, but only the first one seems to be picked up
I know the workaround is to provide one “master” but essentially that results in a looooong “extraClasspath=“. Any guidance?
Gonzalo Tirapegui
Mar 13 2017 16:04
which DCEVM do i have to use with Java 8u77 build 3?
Vladimir Dvorak
Mar 13 2017 17:04
what app server are you running?
ahh , I seee, tomcat are get using WebAppClassLoader. Each application in Tomcat can have own May be your modules shares single WebAppClassLoader , if so, the can be only 1. you can check classloader of you module by this.getClass().getClassLoader() method - called from object from your app